My sinful Papart’s Diners and Cafe experience

Cebu’s dinning scene is never been this dynamic and booming than in recent years. Last weekend, along with fellow Cebu Bloggers Society bloggers, yours truly was invited for an intimate food tasting at Papart’s Diners and Cafe, a new player to Cebu’s dinning scene. With the sun almost setting to its horizon , tainting the vast sky with…… Continue reading My sinful Papart’s Diners and Cafe experience

Sugbo MercaDos: Reaching more Cebuanos

Sugbo Mercdo is  the melting pot of diverse culinary influences in the South, find yourself immerse in this gastronomic roller-coaster ride. It’s make me happy seeing something grow and expand, I must say it is fate for Sugbo Mercado to become the next big thing in Cebu’s food and dining landscape. After months of successful operation in…… Continue reading Sugbo MercaDos: Reaching more Cebuanos