Tumalog falls: A beauty of its own

Glittering in tears like diamond size swishing over the mossy rocks joyfully creates the image of Tumalog falls of Tan-awan, Oslob, Cebu. True enough it’s a beauty of its own! This little gem is made a name among tourist and visitors of Oslob as a Must visit in Oslob and in general a must visit in…… Continue reading Tumalog falls: A beauty of its own

Cebu Provincial Capitol : Cebu’s Seat of Power

Glowing in immaculate white, Cebu Provincial Capitol is an iconic edifice of the province. Dubbed as the White House of Asia, it is as delicately beautiful as the former. Created by a Filipino genius architect Juan Arellano during the American colonial era. It embodies the Neo-classical architecture a style which features the ancient Roman and Greek style yet presented…… Continue reading Cebu Provincial Capitol : Cebu’s Seat of Power

Montebello Villa Hotel: Hispanic Hospitality with a Cebuano touch

Cebu’s fascinating culture reflects dating back to the Hispanic era. Montebello Villa Hotel embodies a thriving living testament.Dubbed as Cebu’s only Garden Hotel in the metropolis, it offers a haven right at the heart of the city. With its namesake, Montebello  literally means “a beautiful mountain” the Villa Hotel intrusts its visitor a cozy rustic feel.…… Continue reading Montebello Villa Hotel: Hispanic Hospitality with a Cebuano touch

Temple of Leah: Love Immortalized

If love is the foundation, it is built to last and beautiful just like Temple of Leah in Cebu, Philippines. Showcasing love immortalized, when love and arts collide. Located at the ravishing hills of Barangay Busay.  Visitors can have a birds eye of the metropolis in broad day light or the golden hour. Its colossal Doric columns…… Continue reading Temple of Leah: Love Immortalized

Caffeine fixed at Cafe Jasmin

Coated in white and blue stripes facade,  Cafe Jasmine’s door is wide open to have your caffeine fixed anytime. Breezing the cold monsoon wind in the metropolis, everyone wants to a way to keep warm during this time. To me the best way to keep it warm is having a warm cup of tea or coffee…… Continue reading Caffeine fixed at Cafe Jasmin

Sumilon island: The southern gem

 In the middle of deep azure sea, sprouted a beautiful island named Sumilon.  An island down the Southern side of Cebu island is drawing the attention of locals and tourist for its beauty.  Behold the beauty and charm of Sumilon Island, Cebu’s southern gem. I had a visitor from Aklan and wanted to climb Osmena…… Continue reading Sumilon island: The southern gem

Captain A: The Home of Boodle Fight in Cebu

“We are the Captain of our life but Captain A is the captain of our stomach.” – True – Blue Cebuano  Have you  ever been hungry in your life that you can eat up a mountain of rice and a sea of viands? I wasn’t but I did able to experience eating a mount of rice.…… Continue reading Captain A: The Home of Boodle Fight in Cebu