Last cheers for 2016 at Ampersand

It’s the time of the year again, to close a wonderful chapter and Ampresand  made sure it would end with a blast! With the presence of the most prominent bloggers of Cebu from Cebu Bloggers Society the event ends with a flying colors!

The Cebu Bloggers Society Year-End Thanksgiving Party 2016 at Ampersand

It was a night of colors,  cocktails, flavors and fun! Set on a chilly December evening night days before the New Year , every is seems perfect and romantic. I head off to Banilad Town Center for the Year End party of Cebu Bloggers Society which is graciously hosted by Ampersand.

Yours truly together with fellow Cebu Bloggers Society bloggers Angel of  and Leylander of
Meet some the Cebu Bloggers Society Officers (Left to right) : Mark Monta,  CBS Founder , Elmer Cuizon, yours truly,

Everything was set for a memorable and unforgettable night, with the ambient sound of the band playing some of the up beat songs, adornment of classic and rustic all over the place, cheers and laughs filled the room and the free flowing cocktails from the busy like bee bar counter.

The Cebu Bloggers Society (CBS)  in full circle of it’s Year End Party at Ampersand

Last cheers for 2016 at Ampersand

Welcoming the year and cheering the last year for 2016. These two important events marks an impact in ones life and the organization on a whole in the Cebu Bloggers Society. Ampersand perky and quirky approach is welcomed by the true Blue Cebuano warmly since its grand opening way back 2015.  Ampersand versatility is well loved by the discerning Cebuano market.

Last cheers, a toast for a fruitful 2016 at Ampersand in CBS Thanksgiving Year End Party 2016

Draped with class, authenticity and character this resto, cafe , deli and a cocktail mecca. No wonder it had created a abuzz and spreads  like a wild fire on the social media. It is worthy to be the venue for this years, Year End Party for Cebu’s premier blogging organization, the Cebu Bloggers Society. With bloggers, coming in the vibrant , fresh and lush shades of emerald roughly a bunch of fellow bloggers came in attendance. Gracing the event is  headed by its president Sinjin Pineda and founder Mark Monta and the organizations officers and Board of Trustees.

CBS President , Sinjin Pineda  is the man of the hour. Giving his year end speech at Ampersand Thankgiving Party with Cebu Bloggers Society.

It was a night of celebration, giving back  and forging for a good partnership of both parties, the Cebu Bloggers Society and Ampersand respectively.  Also it was a night for Cebu Bloggers members to rekindle the wonderful 2016 it was and brace for the coming new year. As the Cebu Bloggers Society president said, “A stronger, bolder and united 2017 awaits  for Cebu Blogger Society.”

Everyone was ecstatic during the CBS YearEnd Party while feasting the #BestcocktailinCebu and dishes  at Ampersand.

Ampersand cheers with Cebu Bloggers Society

At Ampersand cheers and cocktails ubiquitous that night. Ampersand offers Cebu Bloggers bloggers with the best concoction of cocktails quenching the thirst as the same time serves as a social lubricant creating a meaningful engagement and discussion. The food pairing served at the banquet well suited the beverage served.

Here is a list of some of the worthy cocktails that was served :

Also we experience a flare explosion of flavors with the different delish

Also a shout out to my childhood friend coincidentally is working there as a bar tender, Jonel Regis. In your next visit, you can ask him to make you a drink , I can give my name. He makes a good drink ,having known him all my life!

Ampersand  in a nut shell

Blessed with beauty, class and allure, Ampersand makes a strong and worthy contender of being Cebu’s top choice for the #BestcocktailsinCebu. A chameleon,  subtle yet arresting way its a chutzpah in taking attention grabbing risk.

Ampersand stood firm  as a testament to its  organization’s aplomb as a strategist and tactician in tickling the true-Blue Cebuano market. Despite Cebuano’s unpredictable and everchanging  train of thought and preference.

With high hopes for Ampersand to do well in the coming  new year and for the years to come. Also let me extend my gratitude to you my dear years, for sticking with me in this  2016. You add colors to my life again thank you you much as we said in the true- Blue Cebuano way, “Daghang Salamat!” Having said it,  let’s have our last cheers for 2016 along with the Cebu Bloggers Society.

Cebu Bloggers Society happy strikes a pose at Ampersand facade.

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