Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort: Distinctly Filipino

Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort is your next island getaway in the South. Owning the 24-hectare coral and scenic Sumilon Island, Bluewater is blessed to have possessed of this tropical paradise in Oslob, Cebu.  An island with a many untold story of the rich past and panoramic vista of the Queen city of the South.

Staring at the famed Sumilon Bluewater  island from its  mainland port. 
The serene view of Sumilon sea is a perfect day to start ones day. 

Be it a curious tourist or a local town folk, just can’t help but glance or even charmed by the island of Sumilon when you are in Oslob or passing the nation highway going to Negros Oriental. Sumilon for years has been an eye candy for everyone. I myself when I go south Sumilon is something I look out for and have a glimpse of that privately managed island and  day dreamed of one day stepping my feet to its coast. Since I only had a taste of it the last time I visited Sumilon island. 

The abyssal beauty of Bluewater Sumilon island resort is on point.  

Out-of-the-blue the heavens above heard my prayer and granted my wish for years. In time with the 11 years anniversary of Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort. I was invited to join this momentous event along with the local media and fellow Cebu Bloggers Society bloggers. The event was also graced by Miss Earth Philippines 2016 beauties headed by the newly elected Miss Earth Philippines Loren Mar Artajos of Laog City, Miss Earth Air Philippines Kiara Giel Gregorio, Miss Earth Fire Shannon Rebecca Bridgman and Miss Earth EcoTourism Melanie Mader .

Bluewater Sumilon special guest Miss Earth Philippines 2016  beauties and  some local media friends in one frame. 

Also it was in line with the annual tradition of Bluewater,  the Walk with the Stars.  This tradition has been a long running legacy of Bluewaters in giving back to the community. During the event, they revealed this years recipients too. I can from the eyes of the recipients how grateful they were. More importantly, I am impressed with the kindness and generosity of Bluewaters in giving back to the community.  After the formalities, time to explore and experience Sumilon Bluewaters. 

Representing Cebu Bloggers Society Sumilon islander escapade. 

Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort: Distinctly Filipino

With the Filipino hospitality at the heart of its foundation, Sumilon Bluewater is synonymous to Filipino brand to me. From the warm reception at Oslob mainland, you can feel the warm accommodating staff of Bluewater. The trademark of a true-Blue Cebuano hospitality above all it is distinctly Filipino. It was surreal to be at the private resort the resort which I just fantasize is where I am walking on now.  Welcoming us is none other that the big bosses of Bluewater is a bonus. I first head off to the iconic infinity pool of the luxury resort and see it myself. 

Personally this is my favorite spot in the luxurious resort island. 

Sumilon Bluewaters is an island packed with activities for visitors and clients who wishes to have a day tour of the island like ourselves. Luckily, we got ourselves a former employee of Bluewater and a blogger friend JL of to show us around. With many activities like kayaking at the emerald  mangrove surrounded  lagoon, a close encounter with the school of fish at the Fish feeding area, go to the iconic shifting sandbar of Sumilon, go swimming with a plethora of fishes in the  underwater garden of Sumilons diving site or spend an idyllic time at the most photograph part of Sumilon Bluewaterthe infinity pool. To add to the list, you can burn up some calories hike up to see one of the few remaining 18th century Baluarte and get a vantage view of the whole island. But my favorite part of all, is enjoying a tranquil time and the soothing warm hands of my massage at the bay. 

The iconic infinity pool of Bluewater Sumilon island resort. Isn’t it breath taking?
Experience the finest true-Blue Cebuano  hospitality at Sumilon Bluewaters.
Experience the finest true-Blue Cebuano  hospitality at Sumilon Bluewaters.

Showcasing more of the trademark of true-Blue Cebuano craft, I think the best way to enjoy it is through its food which I full enjoyed the feast they have prepared. It was a wide array of mouth-watering viands of international cuisine along with Filipino comfort foods. I also enjoy the sinfully sweet desserts from tarts , brownies , red velvet etc plus the fresh tropical fruits. Quenching my thirst is the signature Sumilon Bluewater Pandan Lemon grass cooler. 

Experience a Distinctly Filipino Hospitality at Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort

This is the feast that fits the 11 years of Bluewater Sumilon anniversary.

With 11 years being test by time, Bluewater Sumilonranks among the prime driving force in the tourism industry down south, expect to experience a distinctly Filipino brand of hospitality in its finest at Bluewater Sumilon island resort. Sumilon Bluewater, opened in 2005, is a 24-hectare coral island, located on the Southeastern tip of Cebu. Staffs are well-equipped with the necessary  experience as seasoned by time. Everything you could ever wanted on a tropical island getaway the island has it.

Sumilon Bluewaters  offers a  sumptous wide spread of dishes
Quinch your thirst with Bluewater Sumilon’s signature cocktails. 
Isn’t this romantic enough? Paradise!

A day in Bluewater Sumilon is like feeling ones heyday simply at bliss.There was certainly no room for a dull moment in while in the island. I must say, the management did a stellar job in innovating this historical island into a luxurious resort. However, I believe better things can be done in some parts of the island and some facilities that needs a face lift as per my impartial and honest observation. During the events earlier, the top dogs of the Bluewater Sumilon rolled out and gives the media of the upcoming and on going project.

A dramatic scene of the island resort of Sumilon Bluewater
The fish feeding and Kayaking is only one of the few activities , you can do in Sumilon Bluewater island resort.

Well like every fairy tale in Grimms brother stories, there is always a happy ending at the end or a happy ever after. So as in Sumilon Bluewater, a time is well-spent with every moment is simply magical with the touch of a distinctly Filipino. Extending the warmth of Cebuano hallmark warm hospitality. Visit Sumilon Bluewaters soon! 

As our guide says, this one of the most highly photographed part of the resort and I could not agree more. 

Let me hear your , two cents about Sumilon Bluewater. What is your favorite Sumilon Bluewater memory?

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