My sinful Papart’s Diners and Cafe experience

Cebu’s dinning scene is never been this dynamic and booming than in recent years. Last weekend, along with fellow Cebu Bloggers Society bloggers, yours truly was invited for an intimate food tasting at Papart’s Diners and Cafe, a new player to Cebu’s dinning scene.

With the sun almost setting to its horizon , tainting the vast sky with hues of tangerine when I went to Maroo Arcade in Mandaue city.  It is a relatively new business center located along side with Big Hotel Suite across Parkmall or City Times Square. On the second floor of Maroo building beside The Brewery.Cebu, the humble adobe of Papart’s is located.

Fresh from its opening, everything is still in progress yet the warm sweet smile and hospitality of true-Blue Cebuano staff make up for it. And got me sinned!

Papart’s Diner & Cafe is located in Maroo arcade in Mandaue same building with

My sinful Paparts Diners and Cafe experience

Papart’s was first known for its innovative take of a true-blue Cebuano exotic Tuslob buwa yet this year they are shifted their direction and spiced up their brand. As a result, I had my sinful Papart’s diners and cafe experience as well as my fellow bloggers too,I believe.

Tasting one of Papart’s unique fusion, Cheese dynamite

First offered on the banquet was Papart’s version of Cheese dynamite paired with a cream and aromatic garlic mayo dip , it was a stellar meal opener or Abri gana as we Cebuano say it for appetizer. Other appetizers offered were  Fish and chips, calamares  and the sinfully tempting chicken skin. Comes after the satisfying appetizer is their bread and butter product the chicken wings and shrimps in 8 sinful sauces: Hot Arcadia, Mexican BBQ, Coco-cury, Calamansi Garlic Butter, Honey Soy Garlic and Sour Cream.

Prawns soaked in the tangy and creamy , Sour cream sauce.JPG
Prawns soaked in the tangy and creamy, Sour cream sauce of Papart’s

Also they have other food items such as Brazilian Liempo, grilled Tangigue and sizzling Scallops. Sealing the gastronomic dinner are the sweet creations of Papart’s, we are lucky enough to have a taste of their  Blissful Mango, Crazed Nutella and Lovin’ Mocha.

Sinful and tempting Chicken Skin at Papart's Diner and Cafe.JPG
The sinful and tempting Chicken Skin of Papart’s Diner and Cafe

Everything laid on the table were worth tasting and were satisfying too. Considering, all the calories and sugars it was a sinful Paparts dinners  and cafe experience. Wishing to have more of the shrimps, chicken wings , shakes and more in my cheat days.

Papart’s Diners and Cafe stand outs for true-Blue Cebuano

I must admit after munching, chewing and savoring every bits and bobs of Paparts diners and cafe it was a wonderful gastronomic ride.  Everything offered was equally delicious and satisfying  but there are just some foods that really stood out for me.

Hot and spicy, this one the signature Hot Arcadia sauce.JPG
Hot and spicy, this is one of the signature sauce the Hot Arcadia sauce. It’s a level hotter than the ordinary hot sauce just a heads up

First round:  The Appetizers

With Fish and chips, calamares ,Cheese dynamite  and chicken skin contending. It’s hard to decide as I was caught between two but after some more bites , I am tucked into eating cheese dynamite.  The cheese dynamite is Papart’s is makes a good appetizer, a good blend of spiciness for a good kick and the savory saltiness creates a satisfying and playful sensation. Not to mention the best pair is the garlic mayo as dip.

Hot chicken wings on spicy Hot Arcadia.JPG
Hot chicken wings on the spicy Hot Arcadia sauce

Second round:  The Main dishes

The battle of the wings and shrimps and sauces. There are around 8 customizable you choose from  the Hot Arcadia, Mexican BBQ,Coco-cury, Calamansi Garlic Butter, Honey Soy Garlic and Sour Cream.  Also these sauces can be used for your chicken or shrimp order.For a generous serving you can get it at PHP 99.00 and PHP 200.00, respectively. To cut the chase, the winning duo for me for Chicken wings the winning pair is Calamansi Garlic Butter and for the shrimp I like it with Hot Arcadia or Sour Cream.

Best serve hot. This sizzling Scallops is a must-try in Papart's, request for more cheese for more flavor.JPG
Best served hot this sizzling Scallops is a must try in Papart’s . If you opt to order this request for additional cheese on top 🙂

Other main dish that were offered that night were Brazilian Liempo, grilled Tangigue and sizzling Scallops. For me the grilled Tangigue is the winner. For PHP 220.00 only, you can get a generous serving for fresh caught tangigue well seasoned that you need no sauce for it.

The crazed Nutella of Papart's features a balance of sweetness, chocolate and vanilla.JPG
The Crazed Nutella of Papart’s features a good balance and chemistry of sweetness, chocolate and vanilla. And some 90’s kiddos favorite desserts discover them yourself. 🙂

Last round : The desserts

Sealing a meal is best done with sugar. A sweet-tooth like is the most awaited part so Papart’s offered us  Blissful Mango, Crazed Nutella and Lovin’ Mocha on the table for sample. The best shake for me is the Crazed Nutella, I love it because it got the right amount of sweetness and chocolate goodness contrasting the rich velvety of vanilla cream. Not to mention the chocolate and other edible accessories around it, insta worthy!

Paparts Diner and Cafe in a nutshell

Papart’s Diner and Cafe may be relatively new to the scene in terms of the line of cuisine they are getting into. Yet they had a successful stint prior to it with the Tuslob buwa.

In all honesty, I think they have a good chance of winning the true-Blue Cebuano market again. Because first, the price are budget friendly for a frugal Cebuano, second the quality is more than what you paid and thirdly, they are offering some interesting and new dishes.

Favorite Papart’s Diner and Cafe dish?

Have you been to Paparts Diner and Cafe , tell us your favorite dish? Or if you haven’t been there , feel free to ask us ?

For more updates and information check their official facebook page click on the link  Paparts Diner and Cafe.

Papart's Diner and Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


6 thoughts on “My sinful Papart’s Diners and Cafe experience

  1. Indeed! We first got hooked with their various, creative Tuslob Buwa dishes. Are they still serving them in their new diner? We gotta try these out; Tere and Debz totally nailed it when it comes to delicious and creative Cebuano cuisine. 🙂

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  2. How’s the pricing for the restaurant? Oh boy! That sizzling scallops made my mouth water. I love seafood. And I love how they offer eight kinds of sauces to go with their shrimps. I don’t think I’ve encountered one yet in Manila. By the way, what is c Tuslob buwa?

    Liked by 1 person

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