Mactan Newtown Beach making a splash

Cebu is synonymous to tropical island paradise with  Mactan as a home to a roster of beaches. Every true-Blue Cebuano knows, the then Portofino Beach Resort is a go place. Now under the   Megaworld’s 30-hectare township, it is re-branded as Mactan Newtown Beach just recently open its door to the warm Sugbuanons and the public in general. 

Cebu’s image to the world is never complete without a picture of a stunning beach. With  Megaworld’s township in Mactan Island it covers a big portion to be develop. Part of it is the known local public beach Portofino Beach Resort.

Known for its white sand bay, clear waters and accessibility from the city. It has been a local favorite weekend escapade by true-Blue Cebuanos. 

Cebuanos enjoying the clear water of Mactan Newtown Beach

Mactan Newtown Beach making a splash

Mactan Newtown Beach is luring back again the sun worshiper true-Blue Cebuanos

What is the last thing you want to do in a weekend after a mentally-draining , emotionally stressing and physically exhausting week  at the office? I bet going the beach ranks among your top choices. Good thing is if you are living in Cebu or within Mactan, there is a lot of option to choose from. One of them the then Portofino Beach Resort now is making a splash as Mactan Newton Beach. 

The 11.5-hectare beachfront property area of The Mactan Newtown, Megaworld’s 30-hectare township in Mactan Island, is now open to the public.Enjoy the old good feeling of Portofino in higher level of fun and improved facilities for everyone. Among the latest development that awaits the visitor of Mactan Newton Beach includes water activities such as Stand Up Paddling, Jet Skis, Banana Boat and more, or relax with family and friends while appreciating the white sand shores and unparalleled views of the Hilutungan Channel and Magellan Bay.

The Mactan Newtown’s beachfront area will soon feature an exclusive, world-class beach club and more sports facilities that will further promote an active lifestyle by the beach.

Mactan Newtown Beach is a perfect Sunday weekend destination for family ,barkadas and all walks of life

Mactan Newton Beach essential info

Just before you head off to Mactan Newtown Beach here are some essential things you need to know. 

  • Mactan Newtown Operation hours. Mactan Newtown Beach is open in as early as 6AM and as late as 7PM. A perfect time to for an early morning deep at Mactan or just lazily watch the sunset. Unfortunately, overnight stay is not allowed in the facility. 
  • Mactan Newtown Entrance fee. You can already have a fun day under the sun for only PHP 150.00 or USD 3  on weekdays and Php 199.00 or USD 4 on weekends.Children below 3.5 feet is free. 
  • Corkage is strictly implemented for  drinks. If you planning to take some liquor outside consider it beforehand since there is a corkage. 
  • Cottage, tents and mat rental. At Mactan Newtown Beach you can avail of their facilities like cottage , tents and mat. It will cost you PHP 1,500.00 for a day use of tent, a big cottage is PHP 800.00 while smaller cottage is PHP 500.00 and beach mat is PHP 300.00
  • You can bring in your pet. Mactan Newtown Beach allows you to take your pet inside the premises with the condition that you look after their litters. 
  • Strictly no swimming after 6PM. Sorry guys if you are planning for night swimming. 
  • Mactan Newtown Beach contact number. Before anything else and to avoid disappointment give them a ring or message them at 0917 7044 893.

I guess these are just tidbits of essential info for your Mactan Newtown Beach escapade you might need. 

Spend your lazy Sunday at the serene Mactan Newtown Beach

Mactan Newton Beach on instagram 

Let’s take a look at some thoughts and photos of the newly opened Mactan Newtown Beach using the hastag #MactanNewtownBeach on istagram:

View this post on Instagram

Unwinding #mactannewtownbeach

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True-Blue Cebuano thoughts on Mactan Newtown Beach 

The historic resort city of the Philippines as it goes is a home of a proud  true-Blue Cebuano known as the place where local chieftain—the city’s namesake, Lapu-Lapu. Over the years, Mactan is a booming city and been a subject of massive development in the island for instance is the successful deal of  Megaworld and the creation of the Mactan Newtown. 

With the reputation and credibility of Megaworld, I can honestly say I am excited to see what it has in store for Portofino Beach Resort. Giving all the resources Megaworld can pull. I am thrilled to see Mactan Newtown Beach after a few years from now. 

Now it leads me to this questions, first can Mactan Newtown Beach surpass the hallmark of the Portofino Beach Resort or even equal it? second, will the true-Blue Cebuano patronize this re-branded all time favorite? As of the moment, nobody can claim a fearless forecast but I am hopeful.At the end of the day, only time can tell but so far the development is great. 

I would like to thank the owners of the photos grabbed from Instagram and to Mactan Newtown Beach facebook page.

Mactan Newtown Beach is now on full swing in making splash to the Cebuano market

About Megaworld Mactan Newtown 

The Mactan Newtown is Megaworld’s first major township development outside Metro Manila. A master-planned community boasting its own beachfront, it is the first of its kind in the country. This rapidly-growing mega-community combines top-grade office sites, first-class commercial strips, upscale hotels, and a reputable academic institution in one premiere beach setting.#


13 thoughts on “Mactan Newtown Beach making a splash

  1. It’s nice that they allow pets na so we can bring our Polly. Sa una during the Porfino years, they don’t allow pets. About the corkage, will they still charge if we bring just softdrinks?

    Very nice place, and it’s relatively near our house. Will plan out a visit. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Correct me if I am wrong, pero Newtown for Cebuanos is good for like a day trip, right? Kasi when we talk about beaches, and this is not to knock Newtown, pero all over Cebu and nearby areas, there are so many beautiful beaches to go to na hindi commercialized… Is this also near… I cannot remember the name, pero there is a resort that was made from what used to be a swamp?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Cebu is really on top my wish list… I really want to visit this place so bad haha.. hopefully I can make it next year.. the problem however is that, Cebu has so many great places to offer and I don’t think a three or five days is enough to explore this amazing place…is it very crowded in Mactan Newtown Beach?

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