7 Facts About SM MyBus in Cebu

Travelling in the Queen city of the South is never been this convenient more than in recent years,  I am talking about nothing else than the presence of the 77 myBuses circulating our beloved city of Cebu. Navigating from Mactan International Airport in Mactan to Cebu city is way better , easier and cheaper.

With Cebu’s booming tourism and blooming rapid economic progress, having a reliable and fast way of the ins and out of Cebu’s bustle city streets is very vital to its local , tourists and commuting public.  Connecting airport to the city , city to SRP , SRP to the neighboring town of Talisay is now possible with MyBus.

While the Cebu City BRT, a Bus Rapid Transit system is  still underway to the city. Cebuanos can meanwhile enjoy the benefits of MyBus services.  So before it’s gone here is my 6 Point Trivia about SM’s MyBus.

The basket-waving inspired design by NY based architect

 1. The makers of MyBus are some of leaders of transportation

With these 77 European-built, 60-foot buses buses of MyBus roaming around Cebu’s main high ways, this MyBuses is manufactured by Volvo, Mercedez Benz and Daewoo. Brimming with class,  we can proudly say that these are not your ordinary buses on the road, this by far one of the most decent looking ones.

The striking blue , green and white combination is simply chic and clean to the eyes. Also, the well maintained cleanliness of the bus adds patrons a reason to love riding in MyBus. Metro Rapid Transit is a joint venture of Jam Liner, Inc. and SM Prime subsidiary Premier Southern Corp.

2. MyBus your state-of-the-art bus in Cebu

Making it the first in the city, Cebu myBus is  a PWD-friendly, global positioning system (GPS), free wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi)  and CCTV-enabled making it a safe, secure and friendly transport service around Cebu. Also, to add you there is a monitor in the bus where you can tracked your current location through GPS technology.

MyBus have two parts inside it, there some seated parts and standing. In total it one trip of MyBus can accommodate 42 to 90 passengers, including standing passengers.


3. Go paperless transaction in MyBus

This revolutionary payment method is the first of its kind the island of Cebu. MyBus passengers can use prepaid cards called MyBus Cards instead of paying cash , for a faster and more streamlined transaction.Question may raise, Where to buy MyBus cards?  Good one, every major station of MyBus you can purchased it. Major station includes the airport, SM City Cebu, SM Seaside and Lawaan Talisay station. It is sold at PHP 200 or  around USD 4 as of press writing with a free PHP 100 load or USD 2.

Aside from MyBus cards customers with Global Pinoy, SM Cinema Entertainment Cards, and other ePlus-powered co-branded cards can be use too. Since it is prepaid, you can reload it anytime with the minimum amount of PHP 100 or USD 2 at the nearest MyBus station.

4. Mactan airport to Cebu in less than PHP 100 or USD 2 in MyBus

Where can your PHP 100 or USD 2 take you from the airport? It can go a long way using MyBus . Below is published tariff of MyBus fare and its destination.


Credits to MyBus facebook page.


Inside the MyBus shuttle.

5. Time-bound travel of MyBus

We know the importance of time in our trips , MyBus also see this need to its riding public. There is a set of schedule and allotted waiting time in each trip of each stations around metro Cebu.

Below is the schedule of each point of route.

Bus leaves every hour, and will be operating in two shifts or 16 hours which will start as early as 5 AM.

6. MyBus  cards perks  and special privileges

MyBus card holders and owners are the luckiest passengers. Let me tell you some of the perks of being a riding of MyBus. If you register your MyBus card you got to enjoy bonus rides, priority access, points earnings,  10% discount for Snack Time, 5+1 movies, seasonal offers, access to special events and raffle promos.

Still no convince? Here is more, if you avail of the MyBus card which is only PHP 200 or USD 4.  You and your friends can get a free one hour ice skating, one bowling game. Load PHP 100 or USD 2 to get two free rides!  Also students, senior citizens and PWD’s can avail of their statutory discount. Great deal isn’t, it?

7. MyBus stations is designed by a NY-based architects

With the MyBus making a bench mark in Philippine transportation in Visayas and Mindanao region, it deserve the best of every detail. Thus, tapping the New York  based Carlos Arnaiz Architects.

Designed conjured from Filipino tradition of basket-weaving,  this Brooklyn-based firm was able to come up with this fancy designs to the 19 stations of MyBus. To add, it’s not only built for aesthetics  purposes but also functionality, the canopies are angled to catch the rain and direct it away from the streets and into tanks.


MyBus SM City Cebu station located at the parking lot at the back of SM City Cebu and Radison Blu.

True-blue Cebuano MyBus moments online

Let’s see what is the Cebuano netizens thoughts about MyBus. So took the liberty to peruse the micro-blogging online and here is what I have gathered. Using the hastag #MyBus .

P.S Photo credits to its respective owners. Thank you for sharing it online! 🙂


To wrap things up for MyBus

All great thing starts in small things, MyBus is a good start for greater things to come in Cebu’s transportation landscape. With its presence in our streets, it somehow eases the pain for tourist from the airport going to the Cebu or for student from Cebu city going to their homes in Talisay.

This transport system has significantly changed the traffic condition providing everyone a more efficient, reliable and safe transport. Also, with their promptness and timely travels, it maximizes time of each passenger as well as travelers with strict time schedule. So, if you are a frequent visitor of Cebu having a MyBus card is very handy while you staying here in the city.

Personally, I see a big potential of this transportation system in the coming years while waiting for the realization of our very own Cebu bus rapid transit which due to commence soon on 2018. #


For more information and updates, you may find MyBus Official facebook page click here.



10 thoughts on “7 Facts About SM MyBus in Cebu

  1. I hope Pampanga can think of this. It will definitely ease someone’s commute. The bus looks clean and vibrant too! Plus the additional perks to get the card was way worth the price itself.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The only inconvenience about mybus is its bus stops. Only if they can stop at any bus stop so that we don’t need to ride another vehicle to get to our exact destination. But nonetheless, I love how mybus works and how convenient it is for many.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well is also same with my sentiment however if Cebu’s own BRT will took effect soon, I bet more places will be covered than this MyBus. Also, considering our jeepneys if all places will be done according to your will , I can’t see them in the picture. Just my two cents mates. 🙂


  3. Sounds like a great concept. I wish we can utilize something like this in Manila too, though it will entain a lot of system upgrading on the part of the bus companies, but it seems to be really convenient, especially since the mrt/lrt are just crazy nowadays.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. While Manila is losing the interest in MRT and LRT Cebu is seeing the possibility of having this one soon. But honestly, I’m quite happy about this SM MyBus idea too.


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