Sugbo MercaDos: Reaching more Cebuanos

Sugbo Mercdo is  the melting pot of diverse culinary influences in the South, find yourself immerse in this gastronomic roller-coaster ride.

It’s make me happy seeing something grow and expand, I must say it is fate for Sugbo Mercado to become the next big thing in Cebu’s food and dining landscape. After months of successful operation in IT Park, they have move into a new place to bring and feature Cebuano homegrown foodies and the likes closer to more Cebuano’s. Experience that fun and dynamic vibe at Cebu’s by far the  long running #WeekendLifestyleBaazar.

The iconic Sugbo Mercado signage.
The iconic Sugbo Mercado signage.

Sugbo MercaDos: Reaching more Cebuano

Set in the heart of Cebu Business Park in Ayala Cebu, it has a hectare outdoor dinning place for everyone. You have a choice of dining it in a table or in the lawn like a picnic No mat? Worry not they have some of it for free but with a minimal deposit fee .With more than 40 plus stalls to choose from, I wonder if choosing would be easy.

Hala Paella is also in Sugbo MercaDos and in Sugbo Mercado IT Park

I must say I love the diverse option, there are some certain favorites of mine from the IT Park branch that are here too. Also, there are new names that I am amused to find them , there’s quite a bunch actually. Another thing, there are some familiar names in the food industry also present in the bazaar, some are big and established already while others are some of the best hole in the wall chow place in the city

The “kuripot” “tihik” or simply thrifty hungry Cebuano . XD

The “kuripot” Cebuano choice in Sugbo MercaDos

The air was filled with gastronomic smell, the foods on display is tempting , the serving comes generous too and the prices are on bargain, off the rack I say? How can order with this factor, well never easy it was. So, my friend Lai of and I have to make a round or two before we made  our orders last night.

Kuzina Guadalupe Spicy Boneless Letchon for only PhP 65.00 budget meals.
Kuzina Guadalupe Spicy Boneless Letchon for only PhP 65.00 budget meals.

Names comes very interesting, on going promos are eye catching and perky staff were all inviting. But we had made a our decision, after putting conisderation all the “kuripot factors” the price, the serving and quality plus the sikat factor or let met it in English the most qued stall. Topped our list is “Kuzina Guadalupe Boneless Letchon & Roasted Turkey”.

With Value meals start at Php 65 , it already makes a decent meal, 3 Puso/1 cup rice , 100g Letchon and 8 oz. Cup drink. Good deal right? My thoughts, well the spicy and salty meat is just on spot, yummy and crunchy on the outside, well spiced and seasoned. The sulit meal under PHP 100.00 in Sugbo Mercado  Cebu Business Park. I love it.

Your favorite street foods: Tempure, Squidball, Somai , Chicken skin and a lot more are sold there.

Plus, they also have your favorite street food from tempuras, squid balls, siomai up to the sinful chicken skin and the spicy and hot dynamite (a cayenne stuffed with some meat and wrap in wrapper) in a very affordable price.

Cebuano foodies thoughts about Sugbo MercaDos

Life is a box of chocolate as it goes same goes in Sugbo Mercado , everything is just worthy of tasting, eating and becoming your favorite too. I have picked mine, it’s time to pick yours too and I will be picking more from now soon.

Visit Sugbo Mercado-CBP. Open from 3PM-12MN starting on June 24 and every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Jogging area of Cebu Business Park (behind CIC) . Find them on facebook at Also share your Sugbo Mercado moments using their using hastag #SugboMercado in facebook and instagram. 🙂


How to get to Sugbo Mercado Cebu Business Park

The easiest way to get there is to get to Ayala Mall then exit at Rustan’s Super Market heading to Quad 2 Building. One near Quad 2 building just walk a few more steps and you see the location.

Other option is if you are riding a jeepney any jeepney going to Talamban would pass this are 13C or 62C via Barangay Hipodromo. 🙂

Share your thoughts about Sugbo Mercado

Have you been to Sugbo MercaDos already, tell us your dinning experience or share your favorite food. Drop in your thoughts in the comment section. We are eager to hear them soon.

Before, I end this post, I would like  to thank Lai of the for the photos. Love it!
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Until then folks!

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