Vispop 4.0 : A Cebuano’s brand of music

“I don’t ever try to make a song better than my last song. I just try to make it different from my last one.” ~Fetty Wap

Cebu has been known in country as a home of some of the most stunning beaches and islands, the best lechon in country and the emerging city of the Philippines in the South. Now, Cebu is again gaining the national attention for its music and songs through Vis Pop Music Festival, which has now reach the shores of Manila and other parts of the country.

Vis Pop is now running in its fourth year  and got 360 entries. Comparing it from its debut edition that had  less than a hundred entries. Interestingly, the growing numbers of entries shows a substantial and sustaining growth of more Bisaya songwriters and singers joining the competition. Above all, making this Cebuano musical prowess heard nationally.

That sure ring a bell as two of Cebuano songs were used in a Star Cinema films. Here is one for instance,  I Love You, ‘Langga,’ one of the Visayan songs Kim Chiu recorded for Etiquette For Mistresses. These two songs are product of  Vis pop.

Video courtesy from Star Cinema.

Vispop 4.0: A Cebuano’s brand of music


Things had changed and so is our music. Cebuano’s brand of music from its predecessor had long been define with the new generation of Vis Pop artist, long gone are the days of Yoyoy Villame,  Stacs Huguete, Pilita Corrales, Susan Fuentes, Jun Polistico but sure they are in resting in laurels in their hall of fame status yet the legacy of promoting the Cebuano cultural heritage through songs has been passed on.

According to Vispop, it is not just one sound, and the Visayan language is not just one identity, but actually a mixture of different cultures, not only Filipino, but also Western and Eastern influences. Vispop aims to promote the Visayan language and the Cebuano music as something alive and dynamic.

Top 6 composers for Vispop 4.0 (c) Artist Ko

This year’s Vispop finalists are John Cadeliña and Irving Guazon with the song Damgo, Kenneth Corvera with the song Pep-pep, Sherwin Fuguso and Marajane Monton with Imoha Ra Akong Kasing-kasing, Joseph Gara with Paghunas, Marie Salvaleon with Suwat ni Maria and Jerika Teodorico with Baklay.

The Vis Pop 4.0 Musical Showdown

Set on a weekend,  the Cebuano music aficionados headed off to SM Seaside , Centerstage where the finalist and their interpreter will give its final performance before the esteemed panel.  The venue is filled with people from all walks of life, it was an amazing sight to behold.


The program started with a Cebuano version of National anthem of the Philippines, which I rarely heard (swear to God, feels like the third time I guess.) Then, followed by a power production number by Vis pop alumna Jewel Villaflores with her latest song,  “Ayaw’g Buhi“. Then, it was the contest proper, Von Saw & Aine Abella opened the show with the bubbly rendition of  “Imoha ra akong kasingkasing” lyrics and Music by Sherwin Fugoso & Mara Monton, followed by singer and composer, Jerika Teodorico in her song “Baklay.


After the playful Vispop entries, Jayneil Enriquez & Joseph Gara takes a serious and dramatic interpretation of the song made by Joseph Gara’s , “Paghunas. ” Then, Suwat ni Maria , takes a sultry ride for the audience written by Marie Salvaleon  and performed by Joe Branzuela. Breaking the dramatic mellow is  Kenneth Corvera’s performance of “Pep-pep”  . The last to serenade the spectators in the hall was a creation of Irving Guazon & John Cadeliña, “Damgo”  performed by John Cadelina. There was no dull moment during the show, thanks to the never ending hugots and pick up lines from “Medyo Maldito”, Mr. Rowell Ucat and DJ Chixie of MOR 97.1 Lupig Sila,you guys rock!


After all the contest pieces being sang, I realized that all the songs were very relatable. To add,  I love the candid reaction of the audience, the audacity of unity and the sense of pride after hearing all the awesome performances of our aspiring artist. It was indeed their greatest performance, I see the effort, heard the conviction and felt the connection of the performers. Seating as an audience of Vis pop was surreal, I can’t imagine to be in the jury’s shoe that time though.


There were also a number of performances of our fellow Cebuano artist to name , the iconic Bisrock rock group , Agressive Audio. Also gracing this years Vis pop is one of my favorite artist considered as Cebu power dou David Wilde x Zeejacob.  FILSCAP President and Vice President, Mr. Rico Blanco and Mr. Jim Paredes giving out their message in behalf of FILSCAP is very heartfelt and isnpiring, there was even goose bumps in me. It’s good hearing from non Cebuano’s , how appreciate the passion of Cebuano’s and affect we shows to promote our song, our identity  , our brand of music. Also during the show, Kurt Fick and Jacqueline Chang gave the audience a thrill when they reveal the sequel of their famous song, “hahahasula”.

Here’s a part of FILSCAP president Mr. Rico Blanco video credits to mrsbeorski in an instagram post

Naming the best of Vis Pop 4.0

All is ecstatic , giddy and excited for the result, all did a splendid performance. To me speaking for myself, all of them are winner, worthy for all the thunderous applause. But this is a competition , one winner must be named and be hailed as the best of Vis pop 4.0

Drum roll please. Here is the honorable winners roll for this years 4th edition:

Special awards

  • Netizens Choice Award
    “Imoha ra ang akong kasingkasing”
    by Sherwin Fugoso & Mara Monton
    performed by Von Saw & Aine Abella
  • MOR 97.1 Listener’s Choice Award
    “Imuha ra ang akong kasingkasing”
  • FILSCAP Choice Award
    by Jerika Teodorico
  • Best Interpreter
    by Joseph Gara
    performed by Jayneil Enriquez & Joseph Gara
The winning circle Vis Pop 4.0 (c) FILSCAP

Major awards

3rd place
“Suwat ni Maria”
by Marie Salvaleon
performed by Joe Branzuela

2nd place,
by Kenneth Corvera

by Joseph Gara
performed by Jayneil Enriquez & Joseph Gara

Listen to this years performance video credits to our friend ,  Leylander. 

the noise of  Vis Pop 4.0 in social media #‎Vispop4‬ ‪ and #‎BisayaaUy‬

To reach more Bisaya all over the world, thanks to social media for making it possible.  Here are some of the unforgetbale moments during the Vispop 4.0 captured and shared by our fellow Cebuano’s online. I  browse online   using the official hastag of the event #Vispop4 and #BisayaaUy. Here are some of the stuff , I got!

Credits to respective owners! 🙂


 About Vispop

Vispop is a songwriting campaign in original Cebuano popular music held under the auspices of Artists and Musicians Marketing Cooperative (ARTIST KO). The initiative included seminars and workshops, music production and culminated with radio airplay and a contest. The idea of VISPOP is aimed at composing quality Visayan songs with professionally produced sound recordings that are competitive with the playlist on the radio.

Vispop 4.0 night
With fellow Cebu Bloggers Society bloggers : Glyth and Yang and Bigseed’s Rei at the Vispop 4.0 night. (c) Cebu Bloggers Society

What about you? What’s your favorite Cebuano song(s)?Care to share it us and leave your comments in the comment box section below. 🙂

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