Monbis : Halo halo made sweeter with passion

Anything sweet just brighten up everything …

One tiring steaming afternoon after my work,  I decided to take a detour to my monotonous route, I take a longer and unconventional route going home yet it’s the best route I could think of a that moment that led to my eventful discoveries.

First,  I found out that heat, noise and idleness to my my surprise is far more effective than a sleeping pills in dozing me off.  Second, Labangon is a foodies haven for local taste.  Third, for a the longest time , Labangon has been synonymous  with its famous Somai sa Tisa.


My Eureka moment in Labangon at Monbis

As I am asking myself for a another reason, I found a long queue, I was intrigued but I let it passed by. After days of ignoring it, I finally decided to go back into that place. I went to the store, just before the dusk. The traffic somehow did something good to me, I worked it to my advantage. The slow pace of the jeepney, allow to locate the store’s location.

I thought I missed it, after several minutes of searching, finally, “Eureka!” exclaimed in my thought, I am now in Monbis. I  finally, I found myself amazed to myself for being able to remember the place since I have a little memory problem.

Anyway, the store at glance implies it simplest and barest form with the crowd , covering it as I saw it last time.Now,  I am able to see  up-close and personal in their working area, talked to some personnel as well as shared a little chat with fellow customer.


Sweet, creamy, whimsical halo halo

I think it is safe to say, Halo halo is a favorite food for people in all walks in life among us, Filipinos. Additionally, it also has comes in various and unique versions from each place, region and preference.As a sweet tooth Cebuano, I believe I have roamed and ate quite a few halo halo shops and this one is a new addition.

The moment I saw, my cup of Monbis special halo halo , I smiled before my thoughts even came out, it’s a luscious  explosion of sugar in a cup. There are so much happening in the cup itself, the colorful nips, the bright wafer stick -O, the powdered graham, the ice cream top a a crown. then, drizzled with a generous amount of chocolate syrup. It was literally , whimsical to my eyes. Plus, there are some fresh fruits in it also.Mix it thoroughly and you might get some banana, jack fruit and among others there.

Also, I love the fine ice granules of its ice. I mind you, they are using a special ice for this halo halo, but one thing is for sure, it’s very creamy and yummy. You can not ask for more but only a glass of very cold water perhaps after consuming a glass of their halo halo. I bet!

Remember halo halo translates in English, to mix mix. So, in order to enjoy this be sure to mix everything thoroughly. 🙂


The netizens have spoken

Word of mouth, seems to be the best way of promotion yet in this 21st century social media is the key to business.

So, I have consensus the thoughts from our netizens about this from Monbis, I got some from its official facebook page . Guess what, it achieved a whooping 4.4 percent satisfactory from its customer.

Read some of their thought below:

Meanwhile on instagram, netizen continues to tempt people with its mouth-watering photos.Below, I will be sharing some of the photos I found using the hastag #Monbis . Here are a few of its top post . Enjoy! 🙂

A note for the management my pros and cons

I love the festive vibe in the place, the anticipation of every clientele to taste this newest guilty pleasure in the city.Gives me a smile looking at them. Now let’s get a little serious.

Here are some of the things I like about:

Considering the humble beginning of this establishment up to this date, I am happy to see the owner, Ramon  himself has been so hands on in the operation of his business. He stay grounded and humbled and it influenced his staff. The crew are courteous and accommodating.

Also, I like the idea of making and ice candy as their ice shaving for halo halo. It sounds so tedious job and requires patience, great job on that.

To add, the cleanliness of the work station is impressive.  Since their production floor is open to the public to see, you are guaranteed that hygiene and sanitation is upheld.

Another thing I like, they are giving free iced tea and water for the waiting customers. 🙂

Then, the accessibility and location is another major advance of Monbis. Since it is along the road, it can easily be located and reached either by public or private vehicle.

Down to the last point, the price and affordability. I think the Php 70.00 is just right.

Here are the things that needs a room for improvement:

To kick off with, I have noticed there is a need for bigger space for the growing market although I also appreciate the effort of putting up of stools and tables for dine customers, however, I think it’s not a permanent solution.

Another, thing to note is the speed of service. This has been a perennial problem in my case I am lucky enough to be served early at 1 hr of waiting time. This is a challenge that needs to be addressed as more people are coming ASAP.

Also, with due respect to their system used. I think there are some loop holes that need to be fixed. Especially in serving and taking a bulk order, dine in and take out costumers and etc. In my stand point, I think putting another cashier or personnel to take charge of take outs would at least.

That leads to my fourth concern, the lack of man power. In my opinion, there should is a need for hiring additional personnel to be able to cope up with the greater demand of its customer and also the production of their product can be escalated. Thus, the problem in speed service can also be minimized.

Lastly, I know they are still growing and focusing on their main product which is their halo halo,however, I would to see in the future an additional food item they can offer to their customers aside from halo halo.


My last scoop to cap it!

Every now and then food establishments, popping out in every corner of the Queen city of the South,  offering a diverse taste for its discerning market the Cebuanos. With and in high spirit, I hope this establishment can thrive longer in the ever competitive juggle in Cebu food landscape.

I personally love, the fact that it is passion that keeps the people driven and motivated in this growing company. I can see a brighter future if it continues to be in flame yet the risk is  if you can not sustain it. Also considering the ever demanding and discriminating taste of Cebuanos.

Last few words, I enjoyed the halo halo and I see and feel the passion in every cup of Halo halo served. I hope to see a better version of you soon. 


* Ratings based on the official facebook page of Monbis as of May 31, 2016.
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9 thoughts on “Monbis : Halo halo made sweeter with passion

    1. I’ll be glad to tour you around and take you to the secret chows in Cebu mate. Aside from Monbis, prepare your stomach when that time comes 🙂


  1. Halo halo is one of my favorite. Whenever I visit a certain place and one of their specialty is halo halo, I will do my best to try it. So far I have tried Bicol’s famous halo halo and so as Agusan Del Norte and Pampanga and they are oh so delicious! Will definitely try this once I am in your place!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Looks super yummy! I’ve been to Cebu thrice and this city keeps on surprising me. Perhaps when we go back we’ll drop by Monbis for a serving of that delish halo halo.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. How I wish they can expand a branch outside Cebu too. Anyway, be here in Cebu and I’ll be glad to tour you around! 😀


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