Murray’s New Orleans Bourbon meets the Cebuanos

“I like food. I like eating. And I don’t want to deprive myself of good food.” ~ Sarah Michelle Gellar

Cebu’s dining landscape is like prism , rays of multi colors springs the moment hit by light. Like a prism, if you ask for a go place to eat in Cebu, numerous names , brands, cuisines, dishes and so on conjures up in the mind. Cebu is more than just the famed Lechon de Cebu .It is now an melting pot of culinary influences, making the best of the east and west met in this tropical island.

This time let’s go to the flavor of the east, who would not love the rich and palatable dishes of this part of the continent, its distinctive taste, won the heart  (and the stomach too) of the little brown brothers of Asia and Cebu is not an exception.

So recently, some Cebu Bloggers Society  (CBS) bloggers  along with yours truly together with Cebu’s top Zomato’s bloggers and contributors went out to Ayala Center Cebu Rooftop garden and met at our host for this meet up Murray’s New Orleans Bourbon

Welcome to New Orleans mate!

Gastronomic Mardi Gras at New Orleans

“Dining is more than just the food, I’ll tell you that. It is an experience in and of its own.” ~ Abby of

Festive, vibrant and old world glam! What do you know about New Orleans? Aside that its a city from Louisana or did you even know about that? Well,  as the old adage goes to learn about a place, we need to eat its food. If you’re  curios  about a place eat it.

As festive as it’s ambiance is in their interiors the variety of food items are also comes up beat and in tune , their are offering a wide flare of selection one might prefer. Whatever your craving for the day it be , New Orleans can come with an answer to satisfy you.

I like the food selection of their offerings and I must admit that some of my personal favorite because it has been my comfort food or I have tried it from other restaurant are there too either way, I am giddy to try the New Orleans way of giving my comfort food a twist .


A parade of Cajun and Creole specialties!

Being the melting pot of affluent influences in the other side of the globe, just like this Southern Queen of the Philippines, I believe a different flare of taste and flavor is just waiting to burst in a bite of their dish I believe.

The parade of Creole specialties start with a plateful of BBQ chili chicken Nachos. The plate was loaded the moment I saw it, it was too good for an appetizer to me, the mango salsa and sour cream duo is heavenly.! Comes next is something fresh from the ocean, a sea food flare of Fresh Oyster , Oyster Rockefeller and Dirty shrimp and spicy garlic. All comes fairly did a good job in giving me lure for seafood , I believe just when I thought it was over.

The wining mango salsa and sour cream dou in  New Orleans Nachos.

Until, the banquet  was presented with additional sumptuous sea food special (sorry for the word play, I love it that way) with Seafood jambalaya and seafood Pontchartrain pizza. Both comes in a generous serving and the presentation was on spot, nothing too fancy. Other house specialties that are served to us, includes  Hickory smoked (my personal favorite) and the breaded chicken was also worth the try.

Ending the parade, is the icing of the cupcake. A sweet way to cap it a wonderful dinner is with their signature desserts New York cheese cake and Mud pie. By the way, for the cheese cake you can have other topping aside from blue berry , you may opt for some strawberry or cherry compote. Now it’s getting a little thirsty, stop the thirst with the quenching wide array of beverages including this colorful cocktails or some wines in the house.

New Orleans Must try. Seafood jambalaya !

Cream of the crop of New Orleans

I’ll start this by a disclaimer, I am not connoisseur myself but I know  what is a good meal means.  I appreciate the generous servings of each dish, the whimsical flavors blown me away all the way to Louisiana, New Orleans as I would say in rather funny way.

The banquet menu in the dinner certainly have showcase a stunning meal. Here is a list of my personal favorites but all the foods were worth trying, I believe you can just choose any food all seems great. But these foods stood-out according to my preference:

  • BBQ chili chicken Nachos. 

The playful blend of Mango salsa and the saltiness of Nachos along with other                seasons created a beautiful and salivating sensation in my tongue like a playground as it of flavors.

  • Oyster Rockefeller

By default, I am not fan of anything raw, my hearth went immediately to this baked oyster. I like the rich and creamy melted cheese around it and the herbs that works well it. Good job!

  • Seafood jambalaya

Their jambalaya here is so far winning my heart among the restos I’ve been to. I love the neutral spiciness and the superb flavors that it gives without burning my tongue.

Say cheeez! New Orleans cheese cake.
  • New York cheese cake

Cheese cake can be a good pairing and a good show stopper to cap a meal. Their version of the cake perhaps isn’t really the best but there is something special in that cheese cake that made me love it instantly.

  • All their cocktails

If boozing and chilling is your game, have yourself a taste of their drinks. I’m sure you’ll love them as much as I do.

I’ll end this by a disclaimer, these are my favorites according to my preference but I believe their are still a lot of exciting food items in their menu worth trying. Just approach their friendly staff for suggestions. Trust me , they are expert to this. 🙂



There is an on going promo now for their Lunch Special and Happy Hour. Why not avail of this limited promo and take a taste of New Orleans.



About Zomato

Zomato is a restaurant search and discovery service founded in 2008 by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah. It currently operates in 23 countries, including India, Australia and the United States.


My loudest shout out for the Zomato  Cebu folks for the invitation. I so love your company as much as I love eating! Godspeed! 🙂 

13062054_10153746346004005_59800000262143510_n (1)

About the Murray’s New Orleans Burboun Street Steaks and Oyster restaurant

Owned by restaurateur Murray Hertz of New Orleans, Louisiana came into conception this namesake resto from this place. Been in the food industry since 1985 before it come to the Philippines shore through a tie up with award winning restaurateur Raymund Magdaluyo, Celebrity Chef Peter Payson and New Orleans’ original consultant Murray Hertz. The trio help together to put up “Murray’s New Orleans Bourbons Street Steaks and Oysters” in the Philippines.

Find  Murray’s New Orleans Burboun Street Steaks and Oyster restaurant online!


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