Mt View Nature Park: The quickest way to escape the city

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Just when you thought you need to go far for fun or just to have a quite holiday over the weekend in the Queen city of South , didn’t you or even for once. Cebu’s like a small one stop shop for everything a reveler is looking for, be it the boisterous cosmopolitan pace or the serene tranquility of the country side.

Up to the hills of the Northern side of the city in the  lies a quaint,  peaceful and decent place to spend the holiday off of the week , after a long and hellish like work week or stressful student schedules, let the magic of Mt. View Nature Park work on you , your friends , family and special partner.


More fun up in the the mountain

Located in the cool hills of Busay, this mountain attraction of the Queen city of the South, offers a panoramic view of the whole metropolis. With the lush trees that surround the property, chilly air envelop it day or night,  one can also bask with the laid back feel the entire time. Floras and fauna are well designated to have this place appeal to the eyes and senses also.


Up in the mountain fun starts, way to different from the kind of entertainment in the city. The nature park offers these amenities and facilities  for its guest and clients: Camping sites, multipurpose halls, cottages, children’s park, swimming pool, botanical garden, picnic tables,  videoke, mini-zoo, hanging bridges, viewing decks, a canteen, mini-restaurants. There more, the new Way of the Cross area, Christmas Park, Obstacle race and much much more.


By all  land transportation means , accessible

The means

To be honest, the easiest way to go there is by private or personal vehicle if you have it. However, taking cab with you is the most convenient choice among most its visitors thought it could be a bit pricey on that matter. Nonetheless, a daredevil motorcycle ride can get you the cheaper way up there with flag down rate of PHP 50.00  , you can still haggle this one.

Jeepneys can also take you there but its very rare and often its by luck to catch one. 😉


The direction

Have JY Mall in Lahug your jump off point, take the road going to Marco Polo and go straight until you can see the Mountain View sign .


Easy way to have fun!

I personally love doing the physical games in the site , the Rope Course Adventure is a must try if you are in the nature park.


6 thoughts on “Mt View Nature Park: The quickest way to escape the city

  1. I never been to Busay even though I’ve been going in and out of Cebu but sure that I’ll be visiting this very soon whenever I get back. Thanks for sharing this article, at least I know what to do there then. 🙂

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