SKYWALK CEBU: For the brave and adventurous soul

“The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”– Nelson Mandela

Every where you look even the single corner of the Queen city , all has answered the call of its time. The modernity had rung a bell for Cebuanos, curiosity and even lead to bring about contemporary kind of satisfaction according its need. It’s concrete jungle has started to grow and one had successful had topped them all.

Dubbed as the city’s tallest building to date, the property has been icon to Cebu , the name that has been synonymous with  class, now it has been flocked by tourists coming from different corners of the country and the globe, because of its one of a kind attraction.  Welcome to Cebu’s very own, Crown Regency Hotel and Towers – Sky Experience Adventure.

A 418 feet high above the sea level of fun424940_2816250653621_2060219721_n

Crown Regency Hotel and Towers – Sky Experience Adventure has captured the spotlight in the tourism industry for its brand of fun, thrill and excitement that had lured a multitude of foreigners to set foot in the city of Cebu for the unique Cebu attraction. The attraction is located at the summit of its building.

Two of the most highly popular attraction of this hotel and tower are Skywalk Extreme and Edge Coaster. Both will test your bravery and vertigo standing at 418 feet high above the sea level.  Its an attraction made for the brave soul and those with a strong will.

I walked the talk, I conquered it!424256_2816246653521_1841697713_n

All my life I’m proud to have claimed have acrophobia , I was certain and never have it dared conquered. Not until this fateful day, I have walked the talk of my college friend and had gathered enough guts and admit myself into this daredevil like stunt in my life, I could think of.

Above all else, the sight is priceless, breathtaking and simply beautiful despite such scenery I could not calm myself  down as I brace to conquer  my fear.  Everything happen in a blink of an eye, I deposited my valuables , fitted the jumpsuit , inhaled enough air and I was now out in the ramp. It was a shaky start, I have second thoughts , anxiety as its finest but I dared, stood firm and conquered.  I felt unleashing the superhero in me.


Challenge yourself be on top of Cebu

If fear had drawn me , I wouldn’t have that once in a lifetime breathtaking experience, challenge yourself be on top of Cebu too!


Crown Regency Hotel Cebu

Tower 1, Fuente Towers
Osmeña Boulevard, Sta. Cruz
Cebu City 6000, Philippines
Tel. No.: +63 (32) 418-8888
Fax No.: +63 (32) 418-5886



16 thoughts on “SKYWALK CEBU: For the brave and adventurous soul

  1. I’ve been to Cebu twice already and was able to stay at Crown Regency Hotel. Though the Skywalk was a real tourist attraction, I found the hotel lacking in terms of maintenance. We didn’t have hot water for a whole week of my stay there. I wasn’t really able to try out the Skywalk because we were busy with the IEC (International Eucharistic Congress) during that time but I would love to go back there next time for a vacation and really try it out.

    How many hours are you allowed to stay there to do the Skywalk?

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  2. I DON’T LIKE HEIGHTS. I don’t like speed too. I used to be afraid of the deep but I conquered that by not only becoming a highly ranked scuba diving instructor, I was also an advanced technical diver. So yes, I think fear of height and speed can be conquered.

    Your experience at 418 feet is amazing. Why? I think it is more fearsome to be able to see the gound clearly and in open space too.

    I went to the highest part of Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower and it was over 460 METERS high. But I was in an enclosed space. I remember the view. 360 degrees and far beyond the horizon, Shanghai is all skycrapers. It is definitely not as scary as being closer to the ground and open space.

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  3. Oh my G! This one is a really must try when you are in Cebu. I remember backing out in trying this adventurous activity because I have fear of heights (tsaka medyo bata pa ako nun) but seriously, when I get a chance to visit Cebu again I will not lose my chance to do it. And basically I practice more and more and more to overcome my fear of heights ‘coz dangerous activities are the most exciting one’s

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  4. Havent tried that but would love to do it sometime real soon. But on second thoughts… this left me undecided. I still do not know if I can. The duwag in me says I can’t. But the little adventurous part of me says I can.

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  5. Incredible! Do you know how many times I’ve watched some youtubers do something like this in SF or FL (not sure, haha) and thinking, “Do I have the balls to do this?” hahaha. I want to do this badly, and I didn’t think we had something of the sort here in the Philippines! I’ll need to have friends do this with me of course, but I really want to try this! I love how calm you all looked in the photos. The sense of accomplishment was evident in you and your friends’ eyes as well! Cheers to the troop! Congratulations!

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  6. I felt nostalgia because of your post. The first and only time I did this in Cebu was way back 7 years ago. It really was a fun experience. Were you able to try the Edge Coaster too? It’s a more adventurous activity for me since you’re just hanging there on the edge. – Me-An Clemente

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  7. I tried this in one of our visits in Cebu. I don’t want to, but I got coerced by a friend to try it, haha. Anyway, its not for the faint of heart and those who are scared of heights. It was fun (or scary too some) because of the height and the strong wind.

    To make the money you’ll spend worth it, bundle it with the other rides or buffet dinner.

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  8. Wow! Kudo’s for you doing this. You’re so brave. It looks so high and scary. I would not want to be in your shoes. You must have had a real adrenaline boost!

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  9. “The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” I love these type of adventure being the same junkie I am! When we were in Cebu, I hoped to check this out but pour schedule didn’t permit so. But thanks! I might go there and try this one time.

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  10. I guess that is the Philippines’ way of having a mountain in its midst. Till date, I have not read a post from any Filipino about his/ her mountain travels. Am I right? But, I feel happy at seeing you conquering acrophobia. What is next on your radar?

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