Mantayupan Falls in 3 reasons

“Like all great travelers, I have seen more than I remember, and remember more than I have seen. ” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

Every great falls has a great story behind it, tales from undated origin and your experience and moments to add. It has been a grand and ambitious plan of mine to visit  and put into map the waterfalls of my beloved Cebu. It seems impossible as hiking the Mt. Everest but with every little step I take , one at a time. I am optimistic,  I can in due time, hopefully.

So, in one weekend I have been to another waterfall  chasing in the South of the Queen city.  This double-tiered flowing water of Mantayupan Falls creates an image of perfection to every seeker, creating a definition by its own unique ways that distinct itself from the other. Nestled on the foot of Barili’s rugged mountains ranges, thick forest-ish like trees provides cool and shade to the whole place.

Without much been said, here is my reason why visit Mantayupan Falls.

IMG_8527 (1)

Majestic in its own way

It is truly one of God’s amazing masterpieces on earth. Surround yourself with everything nature has to offer from the fresh clean air , crystal clear water, chilly waters and picturesque vista . Be under the caress of our Mother Nature. Feel her in every water that drips down from her falls. Indeed, Matayupan Falls is majestic in its own special way!

Accessible by all means and transport

In just 60 minutes of joyride going to the South, down to the municipality of  Barili. This majestic Mantayupan falls can be reached by private or public transportation. All roads leading to the falls are cemented except for some few. There are hourly trip going to and from the city capital of Cebu to Barili. Also from the town proper to the falls , a buynch of friendly local drivers are at available to be at service.


A cheaper way to paradise

Whenever vacation is spoken, budget would often be the glitch to some. Good thing is this God-given paradise doesn’t need much pennies to shell out for our precious wallets.

Here is a sample *budget plan:

Transportation (two way) : Cebu to Barili  PHP 240.00 , Town Proper to Falls 40.00

Entrance Fee: PHP 20.00

Amenities ( Umbrella with chairs) : PHP 200.00 – Can be shared by the group (4 people) PHP 50.00

Food: PHP 200.00 – Can be shared by the group (4 people) PHP 50.00

Tip: PHP 50.00

TOTAL: PHP 450 .00

Keep nature as is for others

As  Chief Seattle says Take only memories, leave only footprints.” Nature has its own way of keep itself presentable.  Leave it as is, keep Nature as is for others to enjoy!



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