4 Delicous Reasons to Dine at Alfresco Mactan

“You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food.”  ~ Paul Prudhomme

Cebu famed for its food , beaches and islands, culture and craft, canyoonering and adventurous attraction. Above all, Cebu is a gastronomic mecca for culinary connoisseurs, the wannabe and the hungry foodies. Good news is Cebu has a long list of food stop you can dine in to satisfy you until your hearts delight.

Naming some of the best Cebu’s dining establishments can be hard, great thing is Mactan Alfresco made the job easier for me. So, here is my blogpost that aims to give you 4 Delicious reason why you need to dine in at The Mactan Newtown’s very own, Mactan Alfresco.

Cebu’s best brands under one roof!

Choobi Choobi, Mama Linda Inato BBQ Haus, Manang Sayong, Orange Karenderia, Meximama, Original Lechon Belly, Ana’s Lechon, Ayer’s Lechon, Conching name it, I think they got and more are coming soon.   Cebu’s best brands are gathered under one roof , its like a one stop shop of all the best names in the food industry. Yummy!

Sophisticated dinning location

Being one of the most  high end investment in the Queen city of the south recently under the management of  Megaworld, it given by the reputation Megaworld holds, resounds chic, class and exquisite. No wonder their newest baby Mactan Alfresco is endowed with much sophistication making it an ideal dinning location.

Eat first, fly later

Mactan has been infamous as a stopover or layover of the Queen city of the south unfortunately. However with the existence of the Mactan Alfresco everything has changed. With the proximity of 4KM of the site to Mactan International Airport with an estimated 15 mins travel time by taxi of mins away from the airport . It’s not too late eat first and fly later!

Experience diversity at its yummiest

The Mactan Newtown not just a place of pleasure living, Megaworld promotes diversity in this 30 Million township in Mactan. Diversity in all aspects  from the culture of various tourists, delectable cuisines of varius countiries and our comfort Cebuano food among else. Just being here is a diversity at its yummiest!

Mactan Alfresco will initially operate from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

A perfect side trip before your flight

For transient and departing visitors of Cebu , this is a good place to taste Cebu as it once said, “to know a place , eat it!” Why not visit Mactan Alfresco soon in your next visit or just before you go!


Until then!


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