Fuente Osmena : A symbol of Cebu

Cebu has been a rising power in the sea of 7,7107 island. Behind it’s booming and steadfast economic progress. Cebu is an island rich and known for its cultural and historical significance also.

In the middle of the bustling uptown metropolis area of the Queen city of the south, an oasis in the hearth of a circle,sprung a vigorous placid water, it was a refreshing site amidst the steaming scene of boisterous jeepney in the bottle neck traffic. The Fuente Osmena fountain is an oasis , a beauty of temporal  distraction.


A historic landmark for Cebuanos

Built as a symbol and iconic that would last into eons to come and by far a source of pride to every true-blue Cebuanos in every generation.  Tracing 104 years back when it was first build in honor of one of Cebu’s  proud son , the first and by far to date is the only Cebuano president , Sergio Osmeña, the country’s fourth president.

The fountain main reason of conception is be a symbol of the province ambuance of clean and flowing water in the island of Cebu and the country at large. Also to a trophy for the good governance of its son , having seated in the country’s highest post and for bringing pride of every Cebuano. Above all, by waving the banner of Cebu in the national and international level, it paved the way for Cebu’s development.

It is more than just a fountain itself as it is given, its a historic landmark for Cebuanos to be proud of!


A center of Cebu’s major celebration

Built in 1912, it was just situated as the hearth of the uptown metropolis of the queen City of the south. It is ornamented with lases of green scrubs around its floral vended metal railings and flowering faunas pain-strikingly  scattered around the place providing a cute details to the place.

Over the years, the park has aged and was scoping with the ever demanding time of our generation. The park has become a venue for an assortment of events be it civic or civil , it has been the most ideal place accessible for every Cebuano’s.

At dusk, when the night falls  it is a romantic place to enjoy the solitary air of the city and the delightful lights as of  playful city lights of the vehicles, edifices and the glow of  illuminate  light that strokes the jets of water of the fountain.


The roundabouts in Cebu

The Fuente Osmeña Circle is hard to miss considering its strategic location and accessibility.  It is surrounded by a road that provides access to Osmeña Blvd., Gen. Maxilom Ave., B. Rodriguez Ave.All major transport heading to all corner of the city passes by the heart of Cebu. Why not visit it now?


Until then folks! 


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