Dao Falls : A glimpse is not enough

One will never find in the waterfall of sights anything else than the Illusion of Life, which falls in torrents on the granite rocks of the souls.  ~ Sorin Cerin

Heading down to the south of the Queen city of the south is bliss to me personally. The fact that it keeps a lot of things to discover, gives me reason to keep me coming back in the sleepy town of Samboan.

IMG_9527 (1)

A 3 hour of picturesque trip awaits with the lush mountain ranges awaits one if you wish to visit , one of Cebu’s best waterfalls , the Dao falls of Samboan! 

Perfect place to cool off the summer breeze, Dao falls

The tropical summer breeze of early March  is starting to envelope me so I have decided to take a cool off in secluded and quaint place that led to this place back in Samboan.

IMG_9587 (1)

Instantly I grab my bag and hit off the road and headed for my destination, locating the place is not hard since a lot of information are available in the internet. In a dash, I am now glaring and adoring the breath taking Dao falls!


Lush shady surrounding, cool water and picture perfect scene!

Crossed a river, trekked a hill and braved the bamboo-made hanging bridge. That adrenaline rush moment is worth every sweat dropped. The perfect tropical summer weather fueled my desire to be in the falls quickly. After several steps , I can hear the sound of the dropping waters, it was a melodious sound, incomparable.

Awed  at the sight before me, I finally had the glimpse of the waterfalls. The cascading placid flowing water of the waterfalls matched with this humongous height is everyone’s vision of a picture perfect chasing waterfall scene!

Getting into and tips

From Cebu South Bus Terminal: Take Ceres bus liner bound for Barili – Bato. Estimated fare – PHP 163 (travel Period 3 -4 hours) When in Samboan town proper find a habal – habal (motorcycle for public transport)  to take you to Dao Falls. Estimated fare PHP 30 ( travel time 15 to 20 mins )

Waterfalls entrance fee  and maintaince is : PHP 20

 Arriving at the waterfalls drop off point, the locals will provide a personal guide who would accompany you to the falls (15 to 20 mins. trek to the main falls).


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