Bewitched at Binalayan falls

A waterfalls of many namesakes,  people attributed and conjured up these names without the luring tales and myths, nevertheless it is the its unique and otherworldly aesthetic of this falls that had captured the spotlight.

As I blazed the sun-dried mud pavement leading to the waterfalls under the rows of the coconut trees, I cant help but grin  I wanna run just to get thing fast. I thought it would be a long ramble but I was delight it was the opposite. I’m bewitched with the grandeur of this  Binalayan falls.

Triple Drop Falls in all its splendor

Compared to the other falls in Samboan, this waterfalls is set in a melancholic theater drapes hues , dramatic and its all its splendor.  Binalayan , Bon bon or Triple drop falls whichever you prefer calling this waterfalls is prominently know for its beautiful three water chamber drops in the dark karts stone.

Stones in the side is carved up into stair-like access for a daring soul to stood before the majestic falls. Just be careful that you do not lose your balance. Intriguing some small caves along the sides of the waterfalls adds drama to the whole picture. If you dare to plunge  into the pool of Binalayan Hidden Falls be cautions to dive into the deep side.

Tips, Notes, and Reminders

  • There are no ATMs in the town, bring enough cash for the entire trip.
  • Bring extra clothes if you have swimming wears the better.
  • Mobile signal reception is acceptable in the town proper but is poor in remote areas like the waterfalls’ vicinity.

Means and ways to Bonbon falls

The Bonbon Falls is located in Barangay Bonbon in Samboan, Cebu. The town of Samboan is about 140-kilometers from Cebu City and is situated in the southwestern coast of Cebu Island. The town of Samboan can be reached by public buses or hired private vans from the Cebu South Terminal in the Mandaue Reclamation Area in Cebu City. The estimated travel time from the city to Samboan is three to four hours.

Safety must comes first

Fun and happiness is always a reason for our trip but lets keep in mind that safety must comes first. If you visit this place this is a safe and beautiful place.


Until then! 


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