R n B coffee : A cozy place to have coffee

“I like coffee because it gives me the illusion that I might be awake.”Lewis Black

Ever tried being too early  for your flight in the airport? How do you spend your time? Where do you kill your time with? I have tried this kind of situation several times already for my trip either domestic or local , I always make sure to be there ahead of schedule.

Good thing, I have found a good place to kill those hour with, a place that offers closeness to the airport, a cozy and exclusive place, good food and friendly staff. Here at R n B coffee !


Waiting can be good in a good place

Waiting is never a good thing but it doesn’t mean that waiting can’t be done in a good place, right?12606906_1654524724835242_1023805579_n

Recently, I went to Mactan International Airport to fetch a friend,who hails from Cagayan de Oro and its his first time to visit Cebu via plane. Since going to the airport is such a hassle especially during the peak hour I decided to go there an hour earlier  from his expected time of arrival. However due to unfortunate turned of events, the flight was delayed for 2 hrs.


Instead of complaining and feeling bored inside the airport, I went outside and found a cozy and fancy looking cafe named R n B coffee. Its exterior and facade is really inviting. So hurriedly, I went inside since it was late at night and rain shower is starting to get stronger.  When I set my foot on inside I said to myself, ”It is more than just a good place that I am looking for.”

Enjoy good coffee, tea, milk and beer

I love the drama that the team of R n B coffee is making inside the store. The classy and sophistication of the color choice is commendable in my point of view. I love also the menu that they are offering to their clienteles. From the hot expresso base coffee  down to the sweet tooth favorite frappes. They have it all here.


For self that time, I prefer to have a cup of Earl grey tea to keep me company during the idle time of waiting. I love how the tea compliments the sweetness of Honey. I personally, feel at ease and cozy lounging at their comfortable couch. Even hours had passed i don’t mind it. I even had a beer after my tea since the delay got even later. But a good beverage at hind , time flies fast!


Lounging at R n B coffee

Loacting along the Airport Road of Mactan Internation Airport in  Lapu-Lapu City.  It’s infront of Starbucks Marina Mall branch. So , next time if you need to grab some cup of Joe around Mactan Airport you know now where to go.



Cafe RnB Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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