Rejuvenated my senses at Inambakan Falls

“I love the sounds and the power of pounding water, whether it is the waves or a waterfall.” ~ Mike May

Nature tripping is another interest of mine, given with the best luxury of time and funded with substantial amount, I would globetrotting this whole wide island of Cebu to find a serene place to rejuvenate my enervated senses.

Good thing with meager amount and limited hours of holiday leave, I am able to maximize it and hit my goal. To visit a waterfall to breathe new life into my deteriorating senses due to my daily grind. I found peace at Inambakan falls of Ginatilan. 


Nature’s way of healing

The path going to this Nature’s gift is never easy from the crooked, steep and winding road to the puzzling concrete pavement to the caves reception area. But amidst it , it was nothing even walking under the glaring sun.

I love the greenery that sounds be , the wild faunas is refreshing to the eyes I rarely see in the concrete jungle. After 10 minutes of brisk walking we have heard the boisterous noise of the falls louder that ever. We are close, one more step and before us is the 100 feet high  Inambakan falls.


It was simply breath taking literally and figuratively. Waterfalls have impressive power of nature to heal any worrying and ailing soul. I have doubted but I was proved wrong, there is a certain kind of mysterious effect waterfalls gives to me. There I rest and left my lauge of burden and stress.

Means  and ways to Inambakan Falls in Ginatilan

Inambakan falls is one of the Natures gems kept in the southern treasure chest of Cebu.  So , start your journey  South bus terminal  Look for the bus park bound to Ginatilan or better ask any staff  or even stranger  if you can’t find the Ginatilan bus post. Then, brace yourself for a three to four hours of southern trip.Drop off right at the town proper and look for any trike motorcycle to take you to the falls is location at  Barangay Calabawan.  


I’ll be visiting soon

Its rawness and diversion to touched by the modernity  makes this place an ideal retreat from  hustle and bustle of the city life. A place for certain I’ll be visiting soon.


Until then folks! 


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