A Witness : The St. Gregory Church of Ginatilan

Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe. ~ Saint Augustine

A visit to a place in never complete without saying a single prayer.In my case, I always try to visit and pay homage to the patron saint of the town and to God on a whole. Filipinos as we are faith and religion is intertwined with every destination.

The picture of a town is never complete without the house of our creator, a place of worship and an eye witness to the metamorphosis of its society. Thus, St. Gregory Church of Ginatilan is the living witness of Ginatilans rich history.


An old world charmer of Ginatilan

One of the old heritage church that found in the Queen city of the south is in quint municipality of Ginatilan. A living proof of the deep faith of the people of Ginatilan.


Built with meticulously cut coral stone with the place is rich of being a coastal added with the creativity and ingenious of its locals added with the pious devotion, they have created this wonderful piece of art to immortalize their faith. An old world charmer of Ginatalian.


187 year old St. Gregory Church

187 years ago when this church was erected on the momentous day of  February 2, 1829 as which was originally a modest chapel to its main parish the Samboan Parish. Until it gained recognition as parochial status on October 5, 1847. This 187-year old church has a baroque  church tops the town at the very heart of it.

Worthy notes for Ginatilan

  • The town of Ginatilan can be reached via Barili-Bato route or Oslob-Bato , take another bus heading to Ginatilan.
  • Approximately 5-6 hours travel time from the city proper.
  • Bus fare is around P130-170 one way only.
  • It’s a 5th class municipality.
  • ATM are limited bring extra cash to be on the safe side.


Perfect side trip

Old stone churches like this brings back and gives chills of Philippines deep faith in God and belief of Catholicism. Chruches in the Philippines is a perfect side trip to any tour or not the main attraction. They are timeless piece of art a present of our forefathers to this modern children.


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