The serene Bakhaw beach of Camotes

Just when I thought I had enough of the Lost horizon of the South after visiting and going into places and beaches most especially. I believe I have seen the best of what the island could offer.

I guess it was my biggest mistake rather  presumption. There is still some places left kept unveiled , undisturbed, raw and less visited by tourist. And Bakhaw beach is one of them!


The serene Bakhaw beach

This off beaten destination is located in the other side of the island, less visited by tourist is a beautiful alternative to the  other crowded beaches in the island. It gives you the feeling of exclusivity and ownership of this secluded beach.

Bakhaw beach allures its visitor with the other taste of Camotes island, Coconut trees are ubiquitous and they are swaying along with the breeze.  I also love the hues of blue gradient at the sight of the sea from clear white to azure.


The tranquility and serenity the beach is exuding is priceless. I can the beach and I own it to myself (insert with friends). I simply love the exclusiveness and the fact I can enjoy it without much crowd. It is after all worth the trip!

Resorts a near Bakhaw beach

If you are travel back in Bakhaw beach , you may think its hard to find an accommodation there because of its on the outskirt end of the island. But no, no there is a place you can call a home far away from home.

As of my knowledge , there are two existing resorts near the beach namely  Borromeo Beach House and Keshe. However, there are  some public cottages along the coast.

Reaching the serene Bakhaw beach

Bakhaw beach resort is located in Camotes group of island. Travel first to Cebu city from there go to North Bus terminal.  After, ride a bus trip going to Danao city, it’s an approximately 2hrs trip or by taxi if no traffic in less than 30 mins you will be in Danao seaport. Next, take a ferry trip going to Camotes estimated 2hrs to 2.5 hrs travel time. Upon reaching Camotes island look for a motorcycle to take you Bakhaw beach or Keshe travel time is approximately 10 to 15 minutes from sea port. From seaport to the beach it may cost you Php 150 per trip.


Two thumbs up!

This place deserves two thumbs up and a recommendable place for everyone who intends to visit Camotes island and for those who would like to  experience a serene Camotes island getaway.


Until then folks!


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