My Civet coffee experience at Mactan Newtown

“Even bad coffee is better than no coffee at all.” ― David Lynch

Having a chat over a cup of coffee is the best time spent I always look forward to with friends , family and even strangers first meeting. Coffee drinking is like a sun , a day without it is a gloomy day.

Interestingly, Cebuanos are coffee lovers. True enough, we love to drink all sorts of coffee from organic and commercial , old and new and bitter and sweet. All boils down to this new rendezvous for coffee lover, I have found in Mactan island. The Civet coffee shop!


The cat’s house interiors

Civet coffee one of the highly priced coffee in the wold and every coffee aficionado globally aspire to have a sip is now brewing in the nearby city of Cebu at Mactan Newtown.

I visited the Mactan Newtown to try pig out in their Al Fresco restaurant and after bieng fully stuffed my friends and I have decided to have some coffee or tea to drink. And voila! There one  named Civet coffee.

I like the rustic, minimalist architecture of the shop, it exudes elegance and event the logo I got fancy of having one. I’m impressed with the cozy and comfortable chairs and tables in cafe. It’s simply well-balanced, chic and modern.

Civet coffee more than just good

The pastry cabinet is stoked with mouth-watering muffins, cookies and cakes of different kind. I am having hard time ordering which one, all seems yummy. But I worried there is no room for dessert in my tummy so I opted to have coffee.

I decided to have a black coffee since I need a bit of something to boost. Knowing its a civet coffee , I expect it to be a good one. I was surprised , I thought it was good but it was more that just good, it was better than I expected!

Being a coffee drinker and lover, I know what a good coffee is like I may not a coffee connoisseur but I am good enough to judge. The earthy aruma of the coffee is stimulating and addictive. It was full, heavy bodied. Just the right cup of Joe , I needed.

I am more that satisfied with a cup of coffee and I would be back for more , I’m sure of it! To experience their coffee visit them from Mondays to Sundays. Store operation starts at 8 AM down to 5 PM located at the ground floor level of Manulife Tower.

Here’s a little trivia about Civet coffee

  • It is the first coffee shop that opens at The Mactan Newtown
  • It’s owned by a Korean national who’s been a resident in Cebu for 14 years
  • This is their second coffee shop just recently open on October 9, 2015.
  • Apart from coffee drinks, they also sell Civet coffee beans, cakes, pastries, and coffee merchandises such as pen, coffee maker, coffee cups and more.


Civet Coffee Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



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