Trailing Escala de Jacob

“A wise traveler never despises his own country.” ~ William Hazlitt

We travel for different reasons and intentions. For me, I travel to immerse myself into different culture , embrace diversity , know the local heritage and be part of new community even for a span of hours.

In my recent trip in the southern outskirt of the Cebu, to exact in Samboan.  I have experience the trailing the Escala de Jacob. 


A friendly local Samboanon

In every travel, I try as much as possible to know and learn thing from the local townsfolk and put them in my heart. I want that some day when I look back to my travels I can see a vivid image and a fresh imprint of that moment.

As my friends and I have hit the road going to Samboan, me being myself is a loquacious and long-winded befriended my seatmate who happen to be a Samboanon. He being so chatty he was able to answer my what ifs and where to’s in his beloved hometown. Talk to a local is like reading an encyclopedia or asking google. They gave you everything in full details. Though I forgot his name, with his good representation

Hence , I learnt about the Escala de Jacob.


The stairs of  Jacob

Set the sloppy hill bedeck with myriad of blooming flowers, there lies a stair famed among locals and its visitors for a quick sojourns in the sleepy town of Samboan.

A scenic 147 steps offers a beautiful vista upon describing at the top step, at 65 meter above the towns road,  it gives one a  birds eye view of the of the town and a vantage point of the neighboring island of Negros and the beautiful Tanon straight, the sea that separates the islands of Cebu and the latter. On a fine day you maybe lucky enough to spot some dolphins on the straight share the local I have befriended.

According to the records, the stairs was built  in 1878 by a Father Toribio Gerzon. In order for people from the coastal side of the town can reach the church easily in olden times.Biblical significance of the stairs of Jacob : Jacob’s Ladder is a staircase to heaven from a dream of Jacob described in the Old Testament.


A quick way to heaven

I can say this place a slice of heaven and thus a quick way to heaven.  Beautiful  and clean!


That’s all for now folks. Until then!





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