Molave Milk station: An ice cream shop in a forest

Along the unwinding and long trip going to Barili, Cebu in middle of nowhere, in a forest, we have found this refuge , a well-known and favorite place for hungry and tired travelers for a stop over. The Molave Milk Station!

Down the long southern trip in Cebu , in a tropical island under the scorching sun it can get too sweaty and warm. There is no surprise one might crave for something to cool and beat off the heat.

The cow’s goodness at its best at Molave Milk Station in Barili.
Clean and green environs at Molave Milk Station in Barili
Fancy cow detail at Molavi Milk Station

A sweet stop-over  at Molave Milk Station

Stopover has always been a natural part of a trip, a trip without a stop over is too hard. We make stop overs for many reasons and grabbing something to nibble could be one good reason. So , when I’ve got the chance to travel down south of the Queen city of Cebu, I made sure to stop over in this sweet tooth haven.

Have your orders be taken at this cute cottage store
The famed pure cows milk ice cream of Molave Milk Station

Situated conveniently by the shady side of the road it is guarded by trees, so fresh air is there. Molave Milk station is famous for its fresh milk and cow milk products like cheese, yogurt, milk bar snacks and of coarse, the main reason for my (plan) stop over , their famed Milk Station ice cream. Ice cream flavors  chocolate, buko pandan, vanilla, mango, strawberry and even local flavors pandan chocolate and buko chocolate are there.

My friends enjoying their Molave Milk Station specialty ice cream 
You can also order other food items in the store. 

Finding the Molave Milk Station

Located 57 kilometers down south of Cebu City, take the Carcar roundabout in Carcar, and then continue on for another 13 kilometers, you will arrive at the Molave Milk Station. From South Bus Terminal, take a Ceres Bus bound for BATO VIA BARILI then keep an eye on the right side of the highway,  heading west into Barili.

Molave Milk Station dining area, cool air and natural shade under the Molave tree? Perhaps 🙂
You can also opt to this dinning area where you can a vantage view of the mountain and some cows too. 
Local means of transport like the photo above frequently pass by Molave Milk Station  for easy transport 

A worth the visit!

It may be miles away from the city but every dollop of their sorbet like ice cream is heavenly. The thick creamy  ice cream is very satisfying most especially after a long trip , it is indeed a sweet stopover in a forest!

Sweet cravings satisfied at Molave Milk Station

Let me leave you with this qoute, “Crave for a thing, you will get it. Renounce the craving, the object will follow you by itself. ”  by Swami Sivananda


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