Bukilat cave : The windowed cave of Camotes

One just principle from the depths of a cave is more powerful than an army. ~  Jose Marti

For some reasons some people are afraid of going into caves. I love to differ but I rather choose not to but instead proved them that it’s not something to be afraid of. I want to encourage them that there is beauty underneath the worlds surface.

Learn to take risk a little , follow your curiosity and be brave a more than you are now. Bukilat cave is just right there waiting for your visit.


The windowed cave of Bukilat cave

Camotes has so many known caves and there are probably so many more undiscovered caves underground. I would like to believe and speculate that there could have been a big network of unknown caves underneath this lost horizon of the South. Who knows, right?


This karst cave is located at Tudela , Camotes , it’s the Northeastern part of Camotes island. Bukilat  cave is popular tourist destination among all the other 7 known caves in the island despite its remoteness. Because of it’s unearthly features and beauty. To add ,  there is a belief that the minerals of the limestone rich dripping water are believed to have curative properties for a variety of illnesses.

This windowed cave of Camotes gives a mystical impressions to its visitors. The natural light that lit the whole chambers of the cave is just breath taking in person. It’s like in a movie or fantasy tales.

Brief history of Bukilat cave

Bukilat cave, refuge,  a shelter, a chapel and piece of art. There is no clear account on the history of how the cave was founded but there a claim and strong believe among locals that the cave into existence because of the discoverer which held the namesake of the cave, Bukilat.


Bukilat is a local chieftain and use the cave as a  refuge with his people during a chaos in the ancient time.During the Second World War, the townsfolk used the cave for temporary shelter. Then, came a Dutch priest name Joseph Weirtz, who fell in love with the cave and held masses in the cave so that the cave will be safeguarded and maintained.

Locating the famous Bukilat cave on Camotes Island

Bukilat Cave is in McArthur, Tudela Town, Poro Island. A motorbike can take one for PhP50 or so from Poro Island which means that the rate would be different if you are from other area. The best option to arrange your tour beforehand with the right person. You can find them in my previous post.


That’s all for now folks. Until then!  


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