An angel’s church at Samboan

I know I got angels watchin me from the other side. ~ Kanye West

Ambling around the sleepy town of Samboan , I can’t help but grin from ear to ear. The place is immaculately clean. The red bricks side pavements are lined with blooming flowers of various varieties and colors , trees are ubiquitous, giving a shade under the glaring sun. Ancient structures are painstaking arranged in the town plaza. I found myself immersed in its rich Spanish influenced heritage sites.

However, my eyes are affixed and was glued to the icing if this is a cake, no other than the church of an angel, the Church of Saint Michael Archangel !



The 232 year old Saint Michael Archangel church 

Seems my eyes are magnetize by old world charms , ancient and decrepit. The church before me has stood the test of time and nature too. The appeal of this antiquated church is bewitching me.

Built in 1784 under the under the stewardship of Fr. Romualdo Avila.They brought this ambitious and massive project in the yesteryear into reality. By using the local best wood available in the place and coral stone slabs mix with passion and fortified with devotion to  Saint Michael Archangel, no wonder this edifice is still existing until now.

The church of Saint Micheal Archangel is ranked along with the Philippines , national treasures of oldest churches in the country.


Quickiest way to get to Saint Michael Archangel church

  • Take the Ceres Bus heading to the Bato-Barili route from the South Bus Terminal in Cebu City.
  • It is a 3-hour bus ride from Cebu City.
  • The earliest trip is 2AM which is ordinary bus. the first trip for aircon bus is 5AM.
  • Bus leaves every hour
  • Last trip back to Cebu City is 7PM from Samboan.
  • Stop or drop at the town center or when you see the mark.


A must see church

I rarity of being able to visit an ancient church nowadays has been hard due to natural calamity. I think we must see this one before its gone.


Until then folks!


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