Lake Danao: Cebu’s biggest lake is at Camotes island

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” – Gustave Flaubert

The lost horizon of the South seems not just as the place  perfect summer destination in Cebu or the infamous Buho rock cliff diving for adventure junkies  or even to experience an all year summer at Santiago and pig over Pit-os sumptuous meals.

But geographically, it has a significance to Cebuano and held a record as the home of the province biggest lake. Yes, you heard it right, the biggest lake in Cebu. Welcome to Lake Danao!



A beautiful big lake 

Camotes island is gifted with nature’s masterpieces from the clear seas and down to its caves. This is emerald basin is has taken of  650 ha (1,600 acres) area makes it the largest lake in whole Central Visayas region. The lake is well guarded with shady trees and flowers making it an eye candy to every visitor.


From the birds eye view, the lake resembles the shape of a guitar which is very related to Cebu. Cebu has been an island to be a good producers of  quality guitar in the country and perhaps ranks to be one in the worlds. Anyway, this lake is a tourist top choice while in the island of Camotes.

Entrance fees come in very affordable rates. It would only cost Php10 for adults and Php5 for children.


Frolicking in Lake Danao

Here are some of the activities, I can recommend doing in Lake Danao.

  • Try kayaking towards the center island or rowing around the lake
  • Horse back riding along the river banks
  • Experience Sakanaw Cruise. Sakanaw is a motor-powered boat with tables and chairs. Its a convient way to reach the center island.
  • Picnicking under the shady trees at the river backs
  • Bird watching especially early in the morning
  • Eat the local delicacy called Kipping. Kipping is favorite among locals, it made from grated cassava then deep fried to have that crunchy texture and drizzled with caramelized brown sugar.
Here is the local delicacy named Kipping.

There is still more but I want you to discover it yourself.

Locating the biggest Lake in Cebu

Lake Danao Park is located north of Santiago Bay and Mangodlong, it is about 20-30 minutes travel. The road is rocky and dusty at the moment  so keep you mask ready. Fare would be around 50 to 100 pesos, depending on your negotiation with the driver. #



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