Baluerte of Aloguinsan: An 18th Century Heritage park

Heading to the southern side of the Queen city of the south , Cebu is always a trip I always look forward to.  Simply because the rustic and laid back feel I get whenever I travel going there. The cool shade of the trees , the fresh breeze and the warm smiles of the southern people.

As I’m reaching closer to my destination, I just can’t help but think there must be something special in this humble town that tickle my mind. And I was right , this town kept a piece of history in them, an 18th Century Heritage park  at Baluerte de Aloguinsan.


A visit to an 18th Century Heritage park

The sun was still sleeping when my friends and I went to this journey when we arrive at the site. A humongous arch is imposingly standing still before us like those in Japan. It was beautiful and I even thought its magical. The pavement is well decorated with flowering faunas and the trees gives a dramatic effect.

After a few walks we have seen the remnants of the 18th Century old Baluarte or Bastion in English. It was perfectly situated atop of a hill.  At glance of the structure , you can imagine how it had stood against time and the history these ruins have witness.


A brief history of Aloguinsan Baluarte:

Here’s an excerpt from the historical background of Baluarte:

“The 18th century Baluarte is a testament of the Aloguinsanons’ courage and bravery, faith and fortitude and a collective sense of community. For more than a hundred years, this structure stands as a reminder of the people’s resilience in times of crisis. …

 In Cebu, Fr. Julian Bermejo constructed a string of baluartes, or small forts from Sibonga to Tanon, (including the visita of Aloguinsan). He devised an early barangayan, or vessels, to quell the raiders.

The baluarte was made out of manunggul (coral stones) and lime. It stands on a promontory overlooking the Tanon strait. 

In an 1833 correspondence, Fr. Bermejo wrote of the efficiency of the system of signals:”…The signals of the Tanong and Sambuan continue and out of these points they can be sent” to Pinamungajan in the north of the island of Cebu and by the east to Naga, continuing from this point to the City of Cebu.”

A historical and beautiful heritage site

At present, the site of the ancient Balaurte is serving the people of Aloguinsan an ideal place to unwind and to relax. The heritage park is situated at an elevated ground giving every visitor an panoramic view of the near by Negros island at a clear day and beautiful sight of the Tanon straight that separates Cebu island and the neighboring island.

The heritage site is well surrounded with flowering plants and the ground is well covered with well manicured grass. There have been cottages, benches and kiosk scattered around the place. And there’s an amphitheater to my delight reminded me of my University days when I used to have my stage places.

A visit to this place is both historical and beautiful a must-visit in Aloguinsan.

Other places of Interest in Aloguinsan

You can just stay for a short time in Balurte maybe around 20 minutes or so and head off to other points of interest.

The park is  located at Aloguinsan proper at the back of the Municipal Hall. It’s very close to the terminal to find vehicle for your next destination. #


Until then!



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