Bojo river not your usual destination

Beaches, chasing waterfalls, caving or canyoonering these activity comes to mind once heard of the word Cebu. Yet, a used to be  underrated destination among Cebu’s roaster of tourist sight seeing list is now making a wave in this scene.The multi awarded , Bojo river of Aloguinsan , Cebu.


Entertaining , educational and empowering river cruise.

Seems river cruising is just another boring way of spending your sight seeing escapade right? Well generally, it is how it is done but in Bojo river. They had taken that one level up to make a trip worth remembering and pounding.


In between paddle of the boatman a bit of information is also thrown for instance he may identify the kind of mangrove growing or explain the significance of these plants. In fact they can even name each plants we passed by its scientific name. Awesome right?To be honest  I never expected it from them.



Also there isn’t a dull moment during the cruise since the boatman can crack up jokes out of the blue that keep you laughing while on board. They would tell tales of the olden years of the forgotten eras.  Without a doubt are well verse in entertaining their guest.


It’s funny how can you change and empower another life by just availing their tour services in BAETAs” stands for the  Bojo Aloguinsan EcoTourism Association .

Sights to be hold as nature’s art


One thing for sure, Bojo river is glimmering in emerald wherever you put your eyes on. As you go along the cruise you can see the beauty of Nature in the well kept and manage environment. You see a lush and thick mangrove forest is in the making. Certainly, it is a sight to be hold as Nature’s art!


How to get to Bojo river

  • Go to Cebu South Bus Terminal in Cebu City . Look for a bus direct going to Aloguinsan or take the alternative routes: Toledo City, Car car City or Pinamungahan.  I choose the latter. Average travel time is approximately two hours. It’s also available by V-hire (van for hire) however I haven’t tried yet.
  • From Pinamungahan we stop by thier market and ride a tricycle going to Aloguinsan. It’s about 15 – 20 minutes ride
  • When you are in the Municipality of Aloguinsan, you can approach some habal-habal (charter bike) to take you to Bojo river. It’s 5 minutes ride away.
  • Once in the place, follow the pavement until you’ll rich the river bank and be welcome by some staff. I’ll take you about more or less 5 minutes.

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