Tahu, a Philippine street (sweet) food staple

Cebu is a street food haven. Experience a unique blend of exotic and contemporary staple food in Philippine setting.  A must-try is Tahu, a Philippine street food staple.

Filipinos undeniably is one of the world to have the sweetest tooth.  Imagine waking up at the heralding day with a sweet  sikwati or hot chocolate made from cocoa paired with a sticky rice locally called Puto maya  with sweet mango on the side (Note: Philippines is known to be the sweetest mango in the world). Isn’t it sweet enough? Well , it isn’t as a matter of fact it’s just a starter.

As a child, just like anyone I too had a sweet tooth . As a matter of fact, I often have to get up early morning just catch and be able to eat Puto maya with mango and a taho on my other hand. Thus, it has been one of my fondest childhood memory (also the sweetest too.)


Taho 101: A basic guide

Taho is a staple comfort food that can be found all over the country. It is made from a processed tofu with a custard or panna cotta consistency like. It is then  added with a caramelized brown sugar as its main flavoring additive. Also, a spoonful of tapioca balls is mixed together with the tufo custard-based.  Finally,  it’s  topped with a decadent condensed milk to give a creamy finish. It has low-calorie count and has relatively large amounts of protein.

This sweet heaven goodness is commonly sold in the street by a hawker peddling and yelling ” Taho… Taho… Taho” usually early in the morning to attract a customer’s attention and sometimes late in afternoon.

However,  I recommend buying it in the morning because it is still fresh.

You can take Tahu almost everyday because of its affordability a cup of it is around 10 – 20 pesos only or less than 2 US dollars.


The modern Taho

Taho also has evolved through the run of time. Several taho shops and stores have open around the metro. One good example of the emerging market is Taho Pub. You can contrast the modern taho and the traditional one with these points below:

First, They are not the traditional one’s walking in the streets under the scorching sun and crying taho to get customer. They just built a place for people to enjoy taho.


Second, the difference is modern taho between the prior is that the latter offers different flavorings to choose from.Traditionally, you can only have the caramelized sugar as main flavoring now it has more variants like strawberry , coffee, chocolate and vanilla.

Third, the price. The modern taho is a bit pricey that the prior because of several reason like rental, bills etc. But still it is very affordable for every Juan,

Nevertheless regardless which Taho would you choose it is the same satisfaction and taste you can have. In every cup of taho you take is like taking a cup of Filipino culture with it. So, are you ready for your taho story?


That’s all for now. Until then!




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