Conquered the 10 feet Buho rock cliff diving challenge

“I think fearless is having fears but jumping anyway.” ~ Taylor Swift

A journey to Camotes island in Cebu dubbed as the lost horizon of the south  opens the infinite doors of possibilities of  fun, excitement and adventure.  Yes, definitely, if  Camotes island is beyond the  beautiful white beach or the stunning caves it has.

Camotes is also the home of the famous Buho cliff diving.  A place created by nature to be an ideal rendezvous  to face your fear of heights by jumping through its cliffs and plunging into the crystal blue waters of Camotes.


Excitement overload

Behold a beautiful scenery of cliff arousing the azure blue sea decorated with indigenous native cogon cottages on top of the cliff. It offers a panoramic view of the stunning Camotes sea.


But for adventure junkies it’s a haven for unending fun jumping off the cliff. Seeing the glistening sea at 10 ft above sea level is a picture of perfect place to drop and at the same time a nerve-wrecking one.

My daring 10 seconds at Buho rock

Facing one’s fear is never easy. It takes a lot of courage. I fear heights, I am not brave but I have the courage.  Being above the sea and was trap in that platform seeing the sea below was so scary.  Butterflies had quickly filled my stomach.


But I reminded myself that I came to Buho to prove to myself something, I don’t exactly know what until I have jumped off to that infamous cliff and a realization came “Adventure is the best way to learn more of yourself.” Yes, things happen in just a wink of an eye yet the impact it has done to me was my defining moment. My daring 10 seconds of my life at some point!


Buho Rock Cliff: A Daring Adventure Site in Camotes

Located in the Camotes group of island, this destination is  the northern side in the town of Poro.  The site is a perfect destination to have your weekend spend with its cottages all over the place , it’s a ideal place to watch sunrise and sunset set with the one you love.


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