Asian fusion Friday at Chix Savour

Eating good food has been everyone’s reason for dining in yet taking you into a new level is a different story.

Recently, my friends and I have roamed around IT Park to find a good place to chow and try out something new. Good thing we found a good one , this relatively new one named  Chix Savour. 


Chix Savour, an Asian fusion restaurant

Fusion restaurants has been all over the city and Chix Savour is one of them. They are offering its patrons with a good blend of Chinese and Filipino cuisine. This is located in Salinas Drive, Lahug, Cebu. They are offering budget- friendly meals that is served in generous amount.


Often the place is packed with a crowd of Language learners from near-by ESL schools like QQEnglish, NILS , USPF ESL school and  so on. Also it has been a place to go for locals who are looking for a good food. Chix savour opens in as early as 7 in the morning and closes in as late as 10 in the evening.

Affordable meals are waiting


This casual dinning resto is offering a wide selection of food items on the menu that you can feast on. Not to mention, they are  tempting and appealing.  To name some of the most frequently ordered food here is a list of popular foods in Chix Savour.

  • Sulit Meals @ 99 pesos with Unlimited Rice and Soup with a round of (Soft drink or Fruit juice)
  • Super bowl special Congee chix at 68 pesos
  • Super bowl special Beef Brisket Mami at 95 pesos
  • Sizzling Pork Steak at 128 pesos with Unlimited Rice and Soup with a round of (Soft drink or Fruit juice)
  • Viggie Lovers :Crispy Kangkong at 60 pesos
  • 4 Season Fries at 90 pesos ( French fries in four variant flavors of cheese, sour cream, salt and bbque)

Feasting over delicious foods

It took us a little time to order since my friends and I had a hard time selecting which one is the best to have. Luckily  we were able to order. I personally made no regret of my order , I had their best seller “Super bowl special Beef Brisket Mami” it was big enough to satisfy my craving of soup that day.


My friends also had feasted over sumptuous orders we had during our stay day. I was literally and figuratively “pigging out” in both sense. So, if you want to experience eating the best and perhaps the cheapest Asian fusion meals drop by at Chicken Savour soon.


Until then! 

Chix Savour Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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