Trap in time at Compania Maritima building

“Be as a tower firmly set; Shakes not its top for any blast that blows.”Dante Alighieri

Lies in this Philippines oldest city is another place who had served as a witness of Cebu’s emerging power during the pre-war years . It is a remnant of that unforgettable era in Cebu’s history.  Visit this historic icon of Cebu has been left trapped in time,  Compania Maritima!


Compania Maritima building’s history

Built in 1910 by one of the city’s prominent family, the Fernandez Brothers. The building was given a namesake for their family pride and was later known as  the Fernandez Building.  But famed never stopped there, it was even become more popular during the pre-war years in Cebu as it was the first flagship hotel of Shamrock.

However due to heavy bombing and chaos in the city of Cebu during the 1945 for its freedom, it almost left the building  in terrible state. Thus, the brothers had to go back to from scratch to restore its former glory. Then, opportunity opened when the biggest shipping line, Compania Maritima offered to bring back its momentum.

During the Compania Maritima heydays they were able to occupied the first international port in Cebu also. For a couple of years in flying colors it had reached its end. The company later went bankrupt in the late 1980s. Since then, the site had been gracefully left to deteriorate.


The ruins of Compania Maritima at present

At of the press time, this beautiful ruins is located near Plaza Independencia facing the entrance of the  South Road Properties (or SRP)  and is few meters away from the Malacañang sa Sugbu.

This sepia toned walls of the hallowed building, reveals the intricate details its wall is bedecked with. In the fine day its imposing beauty is making a wonderful contrast of the azure bright light of the sky or wonderful shadow of the sunsets at the horizon. During special ocassions like the recent International Eucharistic Convention (IEC) held in Cebu which is the biggest gatherings of Catholics all across the globe, the grounds of Compania Maritima served as a home to this pious parishioners.




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