Life is a walk in park in Magellan Park

“From there to here, and here to there, funny things are everywhere. “Dr. Seuss


A walk in the park.

Life can sometimes be too harsh , fast and mundane to us. Good thing we can find different ways to cope with life ever demanding and fast pacing cycle.  Yes, there are just tons of ways but to me, the easiest , healthiest and cheapest way is to amble and take a stroll in park.

So where is the best to amble in the Queen city in Cebu? Well I can suggest visiting the historic Magellan park. There is no better way to relieve the stress that to visit some wonderful place to relax and just take life as a walk in the park literally. 🙂


The Historic Magellan Park

Cebu, an island rich of history that even dates back for a hundred of years ago and a bunch of historical places to visit. Yet in this park all those places and even important events in Cebu’s history is depicted and immortalize.

With the help of the creative local genius Antero  Romarate, Kaith Getutua, Cristino Daug, Eric Chris Almaden, and Felixberto Zapanta Jr they’ve created this wonderful masterpiece.

Magellan Park in a glance

At glance Magellan park gives you a 90 degrees view of the colourful 1,000 square meters mural of Cebu’s historic and iconic building around the oldest metropolis of the country.

Some of the sights you can see in this one historic mural of Cebu are Magellan’s landing to the gifting of the Sto. Niño to Queen Juana,  the Magellan’s Cross, the Basilica del Sto. Niño and the Sinulog. Some Cebuano iconic things are also included like the tartanilla, the late Spanish era buildings, the city port represented by a boat. The Magellan park mural also included the modern Cebu with the new Cebu with a view of the South Road Properties and some prominent skyscrapers of Cebu.

Also , a well maintained landscaping of the place adds beauty to this cute park. Another norticble feature of the park is it’s fountain that blends well with the mural. Picture perfect indeed!


Things you can do in Magellan Park

So, more than just taking a walk in the park  there are still other things you can do while in the park.

  • Taking an informal Cebu history class simply by checking and looking at the mural
  • Taking a picnic
  • Taking a good portrait of Cebu’s iconic places
  • Enjoying the sunset since it’s near by the port
  • Indulge in the Filipino’s street food
  • Talk to the friendly Cebuono locals

And a whole lot more just dare yourself to think outside the box, don’t just limit yourself with what is given. 😉

Until then mates! 





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