A famous food souvenir: The Danggit ”Dried Rabbit fish” of Cebu

“I get way too much happiness from good food.” ~ Elizabeth Olsen

Fish baskets. These are baskets full of different dried fish produce of Cebu

Travelling to different places immerses oneself to the different outlets and loopholes of other culture.  It will take you to their deep history down to their living traditions and practices. Up to their exotic and luring gastronomic flares.  Speaking of gastronomic flares, food has been a highlight and one the thing I look forward to when travel and visit a place.

Now, I want to take you into a journey in Cebu’s famous  and addictive food souvenir item, the infamous Danggit or Rabbit fish.

Knowing the famed Danggit or Rabbit fish of Cebu

The breakfast star for Cebuanos,  Danggit or Rabbit fish let’s get to know it more.  Dangit came from the family of Siganus. These fish are either called Spinefoot or Rabbit fish. Other local names include samaral, taragbago, kitang, or tabago. Danggit thrives all over the country however, it in its plethora in Cebu island. Making it the most popular food item from Cebu.

Creating the perfect Danggit

Fresh from catch, the raw Danggits are prepared in a very simple processThe fish are  clean removing all the internal body parts then it is split open and filleted. A tasteful brine is prepared to marinate the newly cut , cleaned, fish and is out on drying racks under the sun for a couple of days until totally dry. And voila , after days of drying your perfect danggit is ready!

The infamous , Danggit or in English Rabbit fish 

Savoring the goodness of Cebu’s pride, Danggit

Being popular as a breakfast meal , Danggit has been a good starter for local Cebuano. They may have a pungent strong smell once fried but the sinfully delicious and unique taste once fried perfectly. It must be fried to perfection to achieve a  sea-salty crunchy finish. Then, dipped in a special vinegar called Sukang Pinakurat or spiced local vinegar is a perfect combination. It is best paired with garlic fried  rice and paired with eggs.

Danggit’s quality goes down if too much expose in the air so to enjoy the best quality, eat it while fresh out of the frying pan!

I found this cute little fish. 🙂

Places to buy Danggit in Cebu.

Basically, all the major department and shopping stores in the city. There is a special part of the grocery or shopping center where all souvenir food items can be found. However, for a thrifty tourist you can head off to the main source of Danggit in Cebu the Taboan Market. It’s place where all dried marine products can be found. Not to mention, you can haggle in there.

So make sure if you there to practice your Cebuano phrase to have a good deal.

That’s all for now folks, until then!


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