Hermit’s Cove : Aloguinsan’s kept treasure

“A picture is a secret about a secret, the more it tells you the less you know.”
Diane Arbus


If ever you thought that Cebu has been overly exposed with everything it could offer. Well I think you better think back again. Cebu is still keeping a lot of bombs in her pockets to surprise people.

And recently, it has been a great revelation to everyone to see , a new scenery in the local tourism even national level. Cebu’s Aloguinsan town located in southern west tip of the island is keeping its possible crowd drawing tourist destination.

I bet, I have talk long enough. Now presenting the newest addition to the roaster of must-visit places in Cebu island, is the alluring and dazzling Hermit’s Cove of Aloguinsan!


The newest attraction of Cebu: Hermit’s cove of Aloguinsan

Located 2 hrs drive away away from the busy Cebu metropolis, lay awaits this so called paradise of the Hermit’s to please every wondering vagabond and a like. The picturesque scenery going to the cove is breathtaking and with it’s white sand beach . This place gives is nothing but  just perfect to be called a paradise.

Feel the warmth of the sun, enjoy the careless of the waves and get giddy with the whisper of the breeze. All sense will be rejuvenated. Definitely,  the best place to be for a quick weekend getaway. Aloguinsan is a paradise to be in Cebu.


How to get to Hermit’s Cove 

  • Go to Cebu South Bus Terminal in Cebu City . Look for a bus direct going to Aloguinsan or take the alternative routes: Toledo City, Car car City or Pinamungahan.  I choose the latter. Average travel time is approximately two hours. It’s also available by V-hire (van for hire) however I haven’t tried yet.
  • From Pinamungahan we stop by their market and ride a tricycle going to Aloguinsan. It’s about 15 – 20 minutes ride.
  • When you are in the Municipality of Aloguinsan, you can approach some habal-habal (charter bike) to take you to Hermit’c cove or Kantabugon cove. It’s 20 -30 minutes ride away.
  • Once in the place,  you will be greeted with the tourism officer and guide you into the holding area to have brief orientation. I’ll take you about more or less 5 minutes. As soon as its over, you can now start going down.


How much is the transportation cost and other fees in Hermit’s Cove 

  1. Transportation:  Php 297.00
  • From home (jeepney) going to Cebu South Bus Terminal (CSBT) = Php 7.00
  • From CSBT to Pinamungahan = Php 70.00
  • From Pinamungahan to Alonguinsan = Php 50.00
  • From town to Hermit cove =Php 50.00
  • FromHermit cove to town = Php 50.00
  • From Aloguinsan to Cebu city =  Php 70.00

2.  Entrance and Cottage rates : Php 50.00

  • Entrance + Open Cottage:  Php50/head for day use
  • Entrance + Open Cottage + Overnight : Php 100 (small group 8- 10)
  • Entrance + Open Cottage + Overnight : 200/head (big group 10- up)



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