Chasing waterfalls in Samboan, Cebu

Cebu is blessed with Nature’s blessing from the rich marine diversity  down to the crystal clear waters up to the springing oasis of Cebu’s waterfalls. All are equally magnificent and stunning! This post attempts to share the best waterfalls to visit during your #chasingwaterfalls in #Cebu.


Southern Cebu Waterfalls heaven

Seems like the southern side of Cebu has a lot to offer for nature trippers , adventure seekers and nature lover of course , right?

To jump-start this chasing waterfalls adventure, head down side of the Cebu from the city center. It will probably takes about 2 to 3 hrs to get into the southern side.

There is an estimated a bunch of waterfalls hiding and still waiting to be explored. However, there is already a number of them making buz in the internet , social media accounts, blogs, prints, newspapers, televisions, radio and etc. People just can’t help but go south in Cebu when they have the time to see these wonderful nature masterpieces themselves. Are you too excited? Let’s bring it on!

Samboans Pride: Aguinid Falls, Dao Falls,

Binalayan Falls

The sleepy town of Samboan is located according to . Samboan is a fifth income class municipality in the province of Cebu, Philippines, 150 kilometres south of Cebu City. with a growing population of 18,613 as of 2010. Samboan has been a home to  some of the known waterfalls in Cebu. To name some we have Aguinid Falls, Dao Falls, and Binalayan Falls.  Each waterfalls offers a different adventure, experience and beauty!


Aguinid Falls perfect for adventure

This 5 tier waterfalls of Aguinid offers a different brand of adventure for its visitors. If you want to take up challenges this is the right falls for you. Climbing every level of it is awesomely crazy most especially if you realize if you advancing one waterfalls each time. That sense of bravery every time you manage to reach one level. Try it soon! IMG_9921

A unique experience at Dao falls

Dao falls like a hidden gem , it takes patience , perseverance and pain. Too much P? Simply because this falls is perfection! IMG_9585 You must walk in the middle of the forest, cross a river, walk a wooden bridge and climb a few boulders. After that 30 to an 1 hour of walking under the scorching sun , a waterfalls perfectly set in the limestone takes your breath away! IMG_9602

Beautiful Binalayan falls of Sambaoan

The beautiful Binalayan falls awes its visitor with its unique and exotic beauty.  The black stone back drop of the falls gives a wonderful effect to the falling water. IMG_9646 Its glaring three cuts of the waters got its moniker 3 drop falls among locals.  It was a wonderful sight it shows a zen balance of white and black colors. See it yourself!

On the whole

Chasing waterfalls in Cebu with these amazing falls is simply remarkable and unforgettable. Not to mention, its affordable and safe! To add, you can all this thing in just a day so no need to stay overnight to do all these things. So, what are you waiting do? IMG_9664

Let’s go chasing waterfalls mates! Until then .


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