Siomai madness, the newest Cebuano favorite

The only think I like better than talking about Food is eating.~ John Walters

It is given Cebuanos are hungry people and are great food aficionados. Cebuanos have a very discerning taste for good and satisfying and pleasing them is really a though challenge that every prospect food business establishment.

Not to mention the thriftiness, among Cebuano. They like to spend their hard earn money for a good reason like a good for an affordable price , a promo or bargained items etc.

Meeting the  new Cebuano’s favorite

True enough Cebuanos preferences goes along with time, they changes.  With the mushroom like spurting of different food establishments all over the city.  It’s hard to choose the best. But for me I found it handy.


With the ever demanding, time consuming and hectic life style of Cebuanos. We all want is a fast, tasty , on the go and affordable food. And I have stumbled into this young and growing food stall named , Siomai Madness. 🙂

Going mad at Siomai Madness

Bringing local foodies and siomai enthusiasts, siomai and street eats with a new and refreshing twist. Siomai Madness takes your siomai dinning experience into a new level.

Displaying DSC00180.jpg
Deep fried Shark’s fin siomai of Siomai Madness

Sure they are serving the common variants of siomai just like the others like beef siomai (which is one of my favorite), Japanese siomai, sharks fin ( a must try) siomai and Pork siomai.

Displaying DSC00242.jpg
My favorite ,  fried Cheese Tofu! 😀

They also sell other food items , the typical Filipino street foods like tempura ( Filipino version), fish ball, hotdogs and my favorite Cheese tofu.

Displaying DSC00840.jpg
Meet Karla ” Kai” Gaw, part owner of Siomai Madness. 

In a talk with Kai, the part owner of Siomai Madness she shared with enthusiasm. “People have been asking us as to what our secret is to have customers line up just to get their Siomai fix. It was clear that the secret to our success was in our special M.A.D. sauce also known as the Maka-Adik-gyuD sauce.” She further says, “Since then, people just kept coming back for more. Yet we don’t claim to be the best in Cebu, but I guarantee you that our siomai eats served with our signature sauces are highly addictive (makaadik gyud!).” And ends her answer with smile.

True enough, I could not agree further. I have tried it myself and got hooked with it. You must try it too. She ends our conversation saying, “I wanted to make sure that we create and serve food that I myself would love to eat and be crazy about.” And she pipped in, “ I have a mission to provide jobs to the underprivileged and unemployed.”

Surely this brand Siomai Madness is living up to its name because they spread madness everywhere they go. I personally wished them the best of luck!

Where to find Siomai Madness?

Madness is now spreading across the 4 corners of Cebu City, stretching from Talamban to the more recently opened branch beside the back gate of C.I.T.

Displaying SHARKFIN HERO.jpg
Remember the places to find  Siomai Madness 

Siomai Madness now has 6 branches operating to provide delightful food to consumers in areas around universities and offices in Cebu City namely, South Western University , ACT, Velez, Sotto (VSMCC), USC TC and CIT. They are spreading the madness of their highly addictive sauce and siomai eats all over Cebu and providing jobs to more than 15 employees and counting.

Siomai Madness is open to serve you from Mondays thru Fridays 9AM-9PM with affordable prices starting at P10.00 only.


Displaying SIOMAI-2.psd

Siomai Madness founded in February 9, 2015, Serving only fresh, high quality food products with unique flavors and highly addictive sauces (which Kai herself goes gaga for), Siomai Madness was created to bring delectable meals at affordable prices as well as a social enterprise that provides employment, training and rehabilitation for people in need and of limited employ-ability.


SIOMAI MADNESS on Facebook at or INSTAGRAM @siomai_madness for daily dose of Siomai goodness!



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