Perfect destinations for Summer in Cebu

Spring won’t let me stay in this house any longer! I must get out and breathe the air deeply again. ~Gustav Mahler

That much-needed dose of sun, sea, and sand is a cure to beat the summer heat. Ready to get wet and wild?

Cebu a perfect destination for Summer

Yes, you are ready then pack up those summer essentials and hit off the road if not?  Then, you might want to stick around with me in my little corner and chit-chat some awesome beaches around this province.

I not a travel expert here nor affiliated with any establishment but I am simply a fan of  good place, pleasurable stay and above all affordable escapade.  Cebu is always been praised and associate with good beach spots and I must agree being raised and born in this island yet I am  fortunate enough not to visit them all.

So , I’ll just keep them in my list and keep on hoping that someday someone will take me there or be there on my own.   Now here is my list of some of the beaches I want to visit with.

The serene Tabuelan.

Situated at secluded  Northern part of Cebu island, this beach is proudly pristine and away from the commercial scene than those of the famed one. However, the simply and naiveness of  this beach make this stunning. With beach less crowded , you can really enjoy having your musing along the shore or swimming in the sea. All yours!


Dreamy Bantayan island

Also I dream of going across the island and just laying on beach under the sun with a cold drink on the side ohh paradise, oHh life, only at Sugar beach , Bantayan.

This place had been a talk of the town from anyone, I also got curious how magnificent this one and I have heard of testimonies about their experience there so far I heard great comments with a strong persuasion that I also must be there before I die. It just make me envious.


Beach life at Hidden Beach of  Aloguinsan

I also fantasize spending a day at the beach in the Hidden beach in Aloguinsan.  I include it in my bucket list because it seems so secluded and exclusivity of the place is perfect to peaceful afternoon siesta in hamoc. With its fine white powdery sand  its a perfect getaway with friends and family if you want to avoid the crowd.

A bunch of coconut tree provides shade in beach makes the scene so tropical paradise and relaxing. Just  keep an eye a  falling coconut. With all these sugar-coated spiel, you might thought it’s an expensive place well sorry to disappoint. It comes in a wallet friendly price , you need not to shell out a lot actually.


Don’t miss the Santiago Beach of Camotes

My list would not be complete with mentioning Santiago beach in the Camotes group of island. The picturesque of a long white sand beach with clear water sea had been my definition of a good vacation at an island paradise. I would love to sun bath  and enjoy the summer rays. It is also a public beach so you should not worry too much about the entrance.

Witnessing the sea meets the horizon in this place would perhaps be the most amazing thing if you visit this place as my friends also say you do many activities to fill you with in this captivating island of Camotes.


Alluring Alcoy beach named Tingko

Completing my bucket list is the crowd heavy favorite Tingko beach from the municipality of  Alcoy.  At first glance , it was love at first sight considering all factors , I am most particular with distance, prices , beauty and enjoyment.


Just a few hours ride from the city center of Cebu, you can reach this destination for a splashy summer to treat yourself with. If you want to be alone then it’s fine , you can perhaps earn a friend their with this friendly locals there or brag along with you whole family and enjoy the beach with them.

Spend your summer wisely in Cebu

Wrapping up this blog, I hope you have found a choice where to spend your summer with in Cebu.Enjoying summer is not about how much you have spent rather its a matter of making  insurmountable memories not even money can afford. What are you waiting for? 🙂


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