All year Summer at Santiago White Beach

Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability. ~Sam Keen


Warm country, people and season

I came from the island of Cebu part of the 7, 000 plus island that made up the archipelagos country the Philippines.  Blessed with more than 7000 plus stunning coasts and bays , it’s hard to choose the best among them.

The people of my country is warm. Warm in a way we are hospitable, accommodating, friendly and above all always ready to flash our warm smile.  To people coming from the different corners of the world regardless of race, culture, origin and ethnicity.

My country is located at the heart of the globe and lies in the tropical pacific belt. Giving us, in the Philippines a prefect tropical weather all throughout the 365 days of the year. Thus, people here are loving this all year summer feeling.


Why Santiago beach?

With tons of beautiful and crystal clear beaches in Cebu, why choose Santiago? I have a simple answer to that question. Modesty aside , its an underrated beach in the Philippines which could have been a good representation of paradise in the country.  Aside from that the beach is bedecked with unique rock formations that adds a picturesque ambiance of the beach wherever your camera is ready to take snap.


To add, the affordability  and wallet friendly price of the place is a top notch! We all want to enjoy the best without spending more right? Who doesn’t want that right?

Another reason I love about Santiago beach is sumptuous restaurants  are bedecking the white coast line of the beach. Filipino cuisine perfectly cooked to meet the discerning taste of the foreigners and pleases the local Filipino dinners in a cut-rate price.


More fun in Santiago!

The Santiago beach is offering a very long coast line that you can frolicking under the sun if low tide.  Beach booming, beach volleyball, sand boarding and etc for kids and those kids at heart perhaps a beautiful white sand castle making is fun enough. 🙂


However if the the water is high the real fun starts. You can do various water activities like banana boat, butterfly boat, jet ski , kayaking and a lot more. Possibilities are endless!

How to get there?

Check out my other previous post about Camotes click here. 🙂


In a nut shell

Why go to far and expensive beaches if you can have the same quality of experience in Santiago beach. Same white sand, same sea and all is under the same Sugbo sun. Enjoy life to the fullest at Santiago beach where all year summer awaits!

Visit the captivating Camotes, the lost horizon of the south!


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