Must-visit places and must-do activities in Camotes

“To travel is to take a journey into yourself.” ~ Danny Kaye

Never get loss of yourself in the Lost horizon rather make your way in finding the path. Camotes group of island is a prefect place in finding yourself and open new doors for yourself. Be one with mother Nature, be yourself with these must visit places in Camotes!

with the team from the right : Alvin, yours truly, miracle, reggie, LL and Corina

Places to be and to do activities when in Camotes!

Caves: Bukilat Cave

To start off,  Camotes connotes a lot of things but to me the first one to come to my mind is Caves! Amazingly this small island is a house to several caves that I must say a subterranean in nature with spring inside it.

One of my favorite among the caves in the island is the Bukilat cave!

Bukilat cave in Camotes
Bukilat Cave. The sunlit-cave walls is picture perfect!

Brief  History: The cave’s name is from the its discoverer  and during the World War 2, it served as a hiding place and a shelter to the villagers.

Some other caves in the island are Tangub Cave, Tangub Cave, Crytal Cave.

Cliff: Buho rock cliff diving

Cliff diving in Camotes? Why would I dare do that? Well, one way of discovering oneself is facing one’s fear. So , let go of the things that’s holding you back and dare to be bare.

Cliff jumping at Buho

Show your adventurous side by jumping at 50 ft Buho rock cliff. I just did!

 Beach bumming at Camote’s famed beaches

Vacation is always associated with white powdery sand, clear waters, and festive vibe. Well, Camotes is indeed famed for that also. Here is my top choices for it!

The famed Santiago Beach of Camotes Island
The famed Santiago Beach of Camotes Island

Other beaches you can visit: Keshe Beach Resort, Mangodlong Paradise beach, Esperanza beach and more

Kayaking in the biggest lake in Central Visayas

In Camotes is the biggest in the Visayas lake named Lake Danao. Interesting folklore surrounds the formation and creation of this lake.  But one thing is for sure, its one pretty lake!

Enter a caption

Eating in Pitos and try some local delicacy

Eating is a must in every travel. sumptuous meals at a very affordable price is served at Pitos restaurant along the powdery beach of Santiage bay in Camotes island. It’s one of the my favorite part of the trip eating.

Hungry already. Checking the affordable meal at Pito’s menu

Speaking of favorite, I found new Cassava cookie which is a favorite to a friend of mine. It’s a good cookie not so sweet and it’s healthier with all the benefits of Malungay which is reach in iron.

Meet and know the locals

Whenever I go to a place, I  always tried to befriend them. Anyway people there in the island are naturally hospitable, charming and accommodating.

Sam my friend loves the local delicacy.

Find a tour operator worth the money.

Actually finding a tour guide in the island is not that hard because everyone is willing to lend their service. However, for your convenience I have listed here some possible contact person you can call. 🙂

Brian Cerna

Wilbes Cabatana



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