Mercado Sugbo: Cebuanos favorite weekend getaway

“The only reason why we ask other people how their weekend was is so we can tell them about our own weekend.” ― Chuck Palahniuk, Invisible Monsters

After a long day at the work, we  sometimes just wish to have all the things we want under one place right? Good thing we have Mercado Sugbo to make this ideal weekend into a reality!

A gastronomic journey at Mercado Sugbo

Let me take you to my gastronomic journey around the festive and aromatic Mercado Sugbo!

To kick off, there are the all time favorite BBQs all over the place. Without a doubt, this is responsible for that addictive smell plus there’s the hanging rice or locals fondly called “Puso.” It can be said that “puso” can not mistakenly translated in Tagalog which means “heart” whereas it means for Cebuanos as a staple rice food and a perfect pair to bbq and the likes!

What is Cebu without its iconic letchon!yum yum roasted and seasoned to perfection. More than words, how sinfully this food can get in your tongue. Food for food there is a silent completion here among booths in presentations, marketing and PR.

To add , there’s a wide array  of sugar goodies for the sweet tooth! Hooray! Well after all a meal is not complete without a dessert. Also I enjoyed strolling around because I can feast my eyes with the various items on display for collections like jewelries, vases, pots, books etc.

Various flavors from the East to West.

So there have been a plentiful of mouth-watering delicacies all over the place with a ranging cuisines  of the east and the south. Here are of my favorites.

About Sugbo Mercado

Mercado Sugbo was coined two cebuano words Mercado which translates into English as market and Sugbo is a shorten ancient name of Cebu which is Gingharian sa Sugbo ( A kingdom of Sugbo.) As the word suggest, Mercado Sugbo is bazaar that showcases the best of Cebu promising and established brands.

Mercado Sugbo is only open during the weekend from Friday  4 in the afternoon until the wee hour of the day at 2 in the morning and on the next day at the same schedule. It was initially launched on mid September  last year and due to its successful debut its back now in time for Sinulog.


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