Topping Cebu at Osmeña Peak

“The long distance hiker, a breed set apart,
From the likes of the usual pack.
He’ll shoulder his gear, be hittin’ the trail;
Long gone, long ‘fore he’ll be back.” ― M.J. Eberhart


What is more in Cebu apart from the powdery white sand beaches, addictive taste of lecthon , colorful and festive Sinulog? Well, there is still Osmeña Peak or more fondly called by locals O peak. Are you an adventure seeker or just want to climb a mountain in Cebu? Come explore Osmeña Peak at Dalaguete , Cebu!

Here is a quick question and answer essential guide for first time hikers.

Why Osmeña Peak?

Formerly, this verdant Mantalongon range was known to be Tanawan (Scenery) which I never dare argue because the view is  simply awesome. Because of its beauty, the former and the only Cebuano president Sergio Osmeña has been regular hiker in the mountain. Thus, changing the name in this honor and from then on up to this date this place is known as O peak or Osmeña peak.

What is in there?

It has a breath-taking 360 view of Cebu island and to the neighboring islands of Bohol and Negros island. And have to mention, it tops Cebu island in 1,013 meters above sea level. Giving you an authority to claim you have been to the top of Cebu, right?haha


Where is it?

Osmeña peak is in the sleepy town of Dalaguete located 80 kilometers away from Cebu City in the southern side. Dalaguete is known to be the vegetable basket and summer capital of Cebu. Well, I could not argue more with it.  Everywhere you look there is a plenty of vegetables and greens. To add , the natural landscape of the place offers a cool and fresh air.


What to do there?

There could be plenty of stuff you can do there. These are some of the things I can suggest but you can can up with your own too. Here is it:

  1. Hiking with friends
  2. Camping
  3. Star gazing
  4. Picnicking
  5. Photo shoot
  6. Sunrise and sunset viewing and a lot more. 🙂

Soul searching?  I think its possible because the place offers the perfect solitude venue of deep thinking.

How to Get There?

Take a bus at the South Bus Terminal travelling to Oslob or Bato. Ask the driver to  drop you off at the Dalaguete junction (3 hours travel time). Hire a motorcycle (habal-habal) going to the wet market in Mantalongon (20 minutes). From there, you can either:

  1. Trek from the market to the peak for about 2 plus hours, or
  2. Hire another motorcycle going to the peak for about 15-20 minutes


Who can go there?

Well, the common problem here is people think only seasoned mountaineers and hikers can go there in the summit of Osmena peak.   No no, O peak is open for everyone  even to not outdoor person like me. The trail going there maybe a bit daring but not really that hard.

Here’s the catch. If you want to hike Osmeña peak for 2hrs  and more then start walking from the market.  Or if you want a faster way, ask the motorcycle driver to drop you at the foot of the mountain. Going to the top will only take 30 minutes to an hour depending on your pace.

*How much do I need to prepare going there?

From your place going to South bus terminal via jeepney = Php 8

South Bus Terminal going to Dalaguete = Php 70

Dalaguete junction to foot of the mountain = Php 100

Tip for the guide = Php 50 (this is by kind or donation depends on you )

Foot of the mountain to highway = Php 100

Dalaguete back to Cebu city = Php 70

South Bus terminal to your house via jeepney = Php 8

Grand total = Php 406

Tip: Buy water and foods ahead of time to save time and money. 🙂

When is the best time to go there?

I think the best time to go there must be afternoon before dusk or early morning before sunrise. Because during those time the mountain is clear and the fog is not that thick giving you a picture perfect of the amazing rock formation of the rocks and the clear sight or view of the other islands.

IMG_0435 (1)

Enjoy and Care.

On my end, I wished that everyone visiting the place will be careful in not harming and exploiting the place for the future generations to enjoy. To add, we as a traveler must be a responsible in our actions and hold actionable to it. As the travel motto goes: “Take nothing but pictures, kill nothing but time and leave nothing but footprints.”


I encourage everyone if you are in Cebu be brave enough to take your fear one step higher at O peak now. It’s another reason to love Cebu more. Bisita Cebu! 🙂

Note: * Prices and conditions are quoted as of the press time. Changes will occur without prior notice.



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    1. Wow! I never thought mountains can be a romantic place too. But I agree Opeak has been in the limelight now causing so much tourist to folk there. I just hope they will be responsible tourist.

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