Two great sons of Cebu and their story

“Cebu has been a growing and booming city in Central Visayas , Philippines nowadays from its humble beginning. A product of the people who built it in the glorious past. “

In my first post, I will begin it paying by tribute to the great sons of Cebu.  There maybe a lot of them but I have chosen two that I believe have become an icon synonymous to Cebu. Their contribution in shaping Cebu has been vital and essential to the modern Cebu.

Without much adieu,  let me present to you the great sons of Cebu. Datu Lapu – lapu and Pres. Sergio Osmeña .  Both have shared their lives in  service of Cebuanos and put Cebu in the map.

Philippines First National Hero is a true-Blue Cebuano in the person of Rajah Lapu lapu or simply Lapu Lapu
Philippines First National Hero is a true-Blue Cebuano in the person of Rajah Lapu lapu or simply Lapu Lapu

Datu Lapu lapu : The first Filipino National Hero

Before the other Filipinos heroes were named, it was first  in Cebu province the strength and ingenuity of Filipino shone. When the colonialism of  Spanish forces became widespread in the island of Cebu spearheaded with the Spanish conquistador, Ferdinand Magellan.

There was the daring resistance of Filipino native tribe led by its local chieftain Lapu lapu.  So with the spear and bamboo they have successfully outwitted the foreign forces. It was the first taste of victory for Filipino in their quest towards freedom, it was a Cebuano!

A true-Blue Cebuano President Sergio Osmenia Jr
A true-Blue Cebuano President Sergio Osmenia Jr

President Sergio Osmeña : First Cebuano president

Seating the highest position of the country was once a Cebuano and he has been known as the fourth Filipino President of the Philippine Commonwealth republic.  It was in the person of a true blue Cebuano Sergio Osmeña.  He had served the country from  August 1, 1944 – May 28, 1946 . He was the president after the second world war. One of the most noticeable contribution of his humble Cebuano president were:

  1. Restoration the Commonwealth republic.
  2. Philippine membership in the International Monetary Fund and in the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
  3. Creation of the Office of Foreign Relations

And a lot more that the modern Filipino is now enjoying. More importantly, he had proved that a Cebuano can rule the highest post of the Philippines. Making every single Cebuano proud!

On the whole, these wonderful Cebuano souls have proudly waved the blood of Cebuanos in the national and international level. I hope in the future more Cebuanos will make a name and follow the footsteps of Datu Lapu lapu and President Sergio Osmeña.   

Philippines own version of The White House in Cebu located along Osmena Boulevard formely known as Jones Avenue

These two iconic sons of Cebu has been immortalized in their golden statue  at the seat of power in Cebu at the so called “White house of the Visayas” the Cebu Provincial Capitol.  It is conveniently located at  DILG Building, Capitol Compound, Escario Street, Cebu City, Cebu. 

Source: “Sergio Osmeña.Encyclopedia of World Biography. 2004. 13 Jan. 2016


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